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Is this the most perfect foam soap recipe?

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Sweet Orange and distilled Lime essential oils create the perfect foam soap recipe.

Sweet Orange and distilled Lime are pros when it comes to reducing germs. This is why we often include these oils when making cleaning products, and in blends to keep skin clean and nourished without harsh ingredients. 

I make this in a 50 ml foam soap container (it’s the perfect size for traveling with). 

Perfect Foam Soap with Lime and Orange

  • 40 ml liquid Castile soap
  • 15 drops distilled Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
  • 15 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

The foam pump top of the bottle, which is what creates the lovely foam effect we’re after, is a little bulky and takes up some space in the bottle, so even though the bottle holds 50 ml, I’m not filling it up all the way. 

Perfect Foam Soap with Lime and Orange

If you’re familiar with citrus essential oils, you might be saying . . .

“But wait, Andrea—aren’t citrus essential oils phototoxic? Why are we putting them in this perfect foam soap for our hands?”

I have to “hand it to you” (ha!) . . . you’re right, most citrus oils are phototoxic. “Phototoxic” means that if you apply them to your skin and then spend time in the sun, they cause skin reactions.

But not all citrus oils pose this risk. Sweet Orange is not phototoxic, so we’re good there. 

Lime is special, because the method of production is actually what tells us whether the oil is phototoxic or not. Cold-pressed Lime is phototoxic, but distilled Lime is not. (So cool, right?) We’re using distilled Lime in this foam soap recipe, so we’ll be okay.

I want to note that both cold-pressed and distilled Lime have the same Latin name—Citrus aurantifolia. So when you’re purchasing Lime essential oil be sure to check on the method of production.

Give this foam soap recipe a try, and have fun washing your hands!

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