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How This Aromatherapist Uses Essential Oils to Give Back

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Wendy has been using Aromatherapy to freshen up her home for years.

Oil rings, incense, candles, room deodorizers—you name it!

And as a savvy property manager, she used essential oils to impress her potential tenants. Each morning before a showing, she refreshed her model apartments with a spritz of seasonal scents.

This attention to detail earned her so many compliments!

Wendy never knew this simple act would turn into a hobby and a career in Aromatherapy.

And inspire her to give back in a profound way!

Wendy’s Quest for Knowledge

Wendy was so moved by people’s responses to her use of Aromatherapy, that she wanted to learn more.

What other ways could she use these fabulous oils that might help others?

Wendy knew of a lot of people who sold essential oils. She spent the next five years asking them questions, making connections with others, and researching online. She gobbled up all the information she could find!

And she began to experience something a lot of people interested in essential oils are familiar with . . .

Much of the information she came across was conflicting.

Have you experienced this?

You’re trying to research Aromatherapy, and find a website that seems to have great information . . . but it conflicts with what a friend told you. More research only pulls up different information, and leaves you more confused than ever!

Wendy realized she needed a source for reliable information.

Aromahead Institute popped up at the top of her search engine results page!

She signed up for the Aromatherapy Certification Program, and was immediately impressed with Andrea’s knowledge. 

“Her teaching style really spoke to me and I was enlightened by all the benefits that essential oils truly provide,” Wendy said. “I was hooked!”

Wendy resonated with Andrea’s light touch of humor, and was encouraged by the team of Aromahead instructors who supported her every step of the way during her education.

An Aromatherapy Career is Born

In 2015, Wendy started her own Aromatherapy business, BrierBee.

And word is getting out! Her online presence and Facebook page are buzzing about the beautiful products she makes in her home.

People can’t get enough of her lip balm, aroma disks, soap, and lotion.

And Wendy is still guided by a desire to help others.

She’s passionate about educating people through scientific and evidence-based data.

“I wanted to help [people] discover the beautiful healing properties of essential oils through mind, body, and spirit without the risk of injury,” she said.

Giving Back

Wendy’s most rewarding “products” are the Cancer Sucks Care Packages she makes at her own expense and out of the kindness of her giving heart.

Each care package includes unscented lotion, lip balm, a personal inhaler, herbal eye pillows—and her own personal touches to make each one unique.

“I can’t describe how good it feels to give and put a smile on the face of one who is suffering,” Wendy told me. “The feedback pulls at my heartstrings, as everyone who has received these special packages has been so grateful that I’m touched to tears.”

Through BrierBee, Wendy helps others incorporate holistic methods by using essential oils, resins, and their body’s natural ability to heal.

“My goal is to learn, grow, teach, give, and inspire others to do the same,” Wendy shared.

Wendy also has plans to take the Advanced Graduate Program and turn her business into an LLC.

How does she find the time to do it all?

“When you’ve found your true calling and love what you do, you can always find time.”

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your story with us!

It was a pleasure having you as a student. Your dedication to knowledge sets a beautiful example, and your devotion to giving back is inspiring.

Ready to Start Your Own Aromatherapy Career?

If you’re wondering about starting your own Aromatherapy career, like Wendy, you can begin with the same program that Wendy trusted for reliable information—the Aromatherapy Certification Program.

We’d love for you to have a story like Wendy’s!

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Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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