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Keep Your Spirits Bright: Aromatherapy Recipes

by Andrea Butje on February 08, 2016

Do you find that your energy needs support at this time of year?

In many parts of the world, the nights are much longer than the days, and less sunshine can lead to low spirits and even depression.

So I want to share some uplifting Aromatherapy recipes that can help you beat the winter blues.

The first one is a beautiful floral mist.

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Citrus Oils for the Fall and Winter

by Andrea Butje on October 01, 2011

I always love citrus oils, but I'm especially drawn to them at this time of year.

The change in weather requires some adjusting--emotionally, mentally and physically. Citrus oils are so bright and uplifting, they never fail to raise my spirits!

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Preventing Colds and Flu

September 20, 2009

A guest post by Cindy Black. For more from Cindy, stop by her blog at the Meridian Massage Institute. […]

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