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    I just started using Google’s new social platform Google+. This new platform is so fun to use, and I wanted to share what I've learned with you all.

    So without further ado, here are some key features and directions for this new social network. If you want to set up your profile . . .

    Create Your Circles

    You'll see five icons on the top navigation--Home, Photos, Profile, Circles and Games. If you click on "Circles," all your contacts in Gmail are listed in a panel on top of the screen, and the “groups” Google has created for you are listed below. You can delete any of them and create your own. One advantage is you can see the streams for each group individually.

    To add a contact to a circle, drag from the top of the list to the appropriate group. Contacts can be added to multiple circles.

    Now that you've set up your circles, head back to the Home page. Below your profile picture, you'll see several choices for streaming. You can view your entire stream at once (like Facebook) or by particular circle--the choice is yours!

    Incoming and Notifications

    Clicking "Incoming" brings you to messages sent by people outside your circles.

    Notifications shows you when people in your circles have commented on something you posted, or something you commented on.

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