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    4 Essential Oils for PMS and Cramps (and a great carrier for balance!)

    How to Ease Pain and Restore Balance with Essential Oils for PMS and Cramps

    If you could create the perfect blend of essential oils for PMS and cramps, what would it do for you?

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    Should You Use Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile?

    When I say “chamomile,” what does it make you think or feel?

    For a lot of us it inspires ideas of comfort, relaxation, and aromatic sweetness. Some people imagine a warm cup of tea in their hands. Those are qualities that would be perfect in many Aromatherapy blends. 

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    3 Ways Roman Chamomile Benefits Your Belly (+ what to blend it with)

    October 31, 2019

    The Essential Oil of Roman Chamomile Benefits Us in Several Ways—Including Digestion! Imagine something with me for a moment . . . You’re standing in a gorgeous field of little white flowers. Behind you is an essential oil distillery, where some of your friends are producing essential oil from the flowers. The sun shines warmly down on you, and it feels so comforting. You take a deep breath and smell . . . apples in the sun? You look around, but there are no apple trees. Where is that beautiful aroma coming from? […]

    Goodbye to Belly Cramps! Essential Oils for Cramps

    February 04, 2019

    Roman Chamomile essential oil understands how miserable belly cramps can be. Even if you experience them each month, their regularity doesn’t make them any easier. Roman Chamomile wants to help! It’s one of the most well-known essential oils for cramps. In fact, using Roman Chamomile for belly pain helped me realize that I wanted to dedicate my life to studying and teaching about Aromatherapy. Here’s what happened . . . One day, I had a lot of tension in my belly, and it was making me very uncomfortable and kind of ruining my day. But I’d recently gotten a new bottle of Roman Chamomile essential oil. I put one drop in some jojoba and rubbed it into my belly and low back. The tension seemed to just dissolve. I can remember looking at the little bottle in my hand and realizing how much potential essential oils had that I wasn’t even aware of. It was the first step of a beautiful journey for me!  […]

    Essential Oils for the Winter Season

    January 07, 2012

    I know--it's not really fair for me to write about essential oils for winter. I live in Florida! […]

    Essential Oils for Digestion

    December 30, 2011

    There are several essential oils for digestion and tummy trouble relief. Below is a simple and helpful blend that smells great! Essential oils for digestion offer a gentle, natural remedy for belly aches and pains. This blend is one of my favorites. You can use it after each meal, save it for when you know you'll be eating something that might upset your stomach, or use it when you're trying a brand new exciting dish. […]

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