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    Headaches? Not with these 4 essential oils for headaches!

    by Andrea Butje on March 11, 2019

    Some of your essential oil friends heard that you sometimes get headaches.

    Specifically, Frankincense, Lemon, Black Spruce, and Hemlock—and they all have ideas for how to calm your headaches down. (These are 4 amazing essential oils for headaches!)

    Frankincense wants to burn some incense for you and create a peaceful, meditative space.

    Lemon wants to brighten your spirits and calm your inflammation.

    Black Spruce and Hemlock want to take you on a nice relaxing walk through the woods. (Spending time in nature can often help us feel so much better!)

    They all “put their heads together” and decided to merge their ideas into one by making you a headache inhaler. It’s the perfect solution, because even though all four oils are unique, they share some common talents, like calming inflammation, releasing muscle tension, and helping you breathe deeply.

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    What Essential Oils are Good for Headaches?

    by Andrea Butje on February 21, 2019

    Here’s a quick list of 5 ways that some essential oils are good for headaches:

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    Sweet & Soothing Frankincense Headache Oil Recipe

    February 19, 2018

    Making a headache oil recipe is a natural, effective way to relieve head pain. There are many different "kinds" of headaches. Some headaches are in a single part of your head. Others feel like they are all over your scalp, and even in your forehead and behind your eyes. Some headaches seem to radiate out from your sinuses, and others seem to radiate up from tension in your neck and shoulders. But all headaches have a few things in common. They cause pain in and around the head . . . and we want them to go away! […]

    3 Great Ways to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    June 10, 2014


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