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    Lavender oil has potent antifungal effect

    by Andrea Butje on June 04, 2012

    I found this article on Kashmir Lavender's Facebook page, and wanted to share it!

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    Medicinal Blending: New Class at Aromahead Institute

    by Andrea Butje on May 02, 2012

    New 2-day class for Aromatherapists!

    Medicinal Blending
    Citrus Oils: Top Notes Bursting with Potential

    Dates: August 18--19, 2012
    Time: 9:30--5:30 Saturday and Sunday
    Cost: $300

    Ithaca, NY
    Register Here:
    Aromahead Institute
    More than just cheerful aromas in your collection, citrus oils have powerful healing actions. Explore the potential of these humble, affordable, fabulous top notes!

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    Country of Origin and Essential Oil Synergy

    January 18, 2010

    I find it fascinating to smell and blend with different essential oils that were cultivated in the same country. Despite a wide variety of chemical components, plant families and plant parts—plants that grow in the same region have a distinct synergy with one another. Essential oil synergy often, but not always, shows up with different plants from the same region. […]

    Shingles Spray

    July 26, 2008

    Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with shingles. It was very painful, and she asked me to make her a blend for the pain. I made her a shingles spray that she used five or six times a day. She reported that it really reduced the pain and the relief lasted for many hours. The recipe includes a product called Solubol. This is an all natural "dispersant" that helps essential oils dissolve in water or hydrosols. As you know, essential oils and water don't mix. When essential oils are added into a water or hydrosol spray, the tiny droplets of oil stay separate from the rest of the liquid. When sprayed on the body, we get tiny droplets of neat essential oil on our skin. […]

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