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    A Vanilla Orange Lavender Lip Balm Recipe

    If you love lip balms, learning a great lip balm recipe can be a real “game changer.”

    For some people, learning their own lip balm recipe means they’re no longer buying lip balm from stores. For others, it just means they have a lot of new ways to expand their collection!

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    Green Mandarin, Calendula, & Vanilla Lip Balm Recipe

    Before I began making my own body products, I tried a lot of different kinds of lip balm. I found many that I liked . . . but none that I really fell in love with.

    When I can’t find what I want . . . I make it!

    Making my own lip balm recipes lets me strike the perfect balance of ingredients—not too greasy, not too waxy, not too slippery, and not something I have to reapply all the time. Something just right! 

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    Peppermint Mandarin Holiday Lip Balm Recipe

    December 08, 2014

    Make a holiday lip balm with Peppermint and Mandarin essential oils. Do you reach for your lip balm more often during the winter than at other times of year? When I lived in a climate that turned cold during winter (I live in Florida now), I noticed my friends doing that all the time! Another thing I noticed was that people love to receive handmade aromatherapy products as gifts. (Okay, I noticed that a long time ago!) So I thought, why not make a holiday lip balm recipe and share it with friends? I created a lip balm with Peppermint essential oil, and hints of citrus, cocoa, and vanilla. It’s delicious! […]

    Making Chocolate and Vanilla Lip Balm With Kids

    August 21, 2013

    Making lip balm with kids is so much fun! When you're making lip balm with kids, you've got quite a few great flavor options. The chocolate/vanilla is definitely a favorite! […]

    Make Your Own Lip Balm!

    March 07, 2013

    It's fun and easy to make your own lip balm! I'll walk you through one of my favorite recipes for chapped lips. When you make your own lip balm, the basic idea is to first melt your coconut oil and beeswax, then add in the shea butter, and lastly add the essential oil. Let the blend stand and harden for a few hours before use. These make great gifts! […]

    Lip Balm - A Love Story

    July 07, 2008

    I've never enjoyed the waxy feel of over-the-counter lip balm. When people talk about their lip balm addictions, or my girl friends reach into their purses for gloss several times in the course of a few hours, I'm the one scratching my head. I just don't get it. To me, chapstick feels like rubbing a warm candle on my mouth and gloss feels like wearing a thin layer of glue. […]

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