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    What is an Essential Oil?

    by Andrea Butje on February 07, 2019

    There a LOT of people who absolutely love essential oils . . . who also aren’t quite sure where essential oils come from or what they are.

    If this sounds like you, you are NOT alone!

    I’ve been working with essential oils since 1998. I am happy to help clear up any confusion for you.

    What is an essential oil?

    Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. These natural compounds are found in different parts of the plants.

    A few examples . . .

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    I’m so glad I listened to my guidance!

    by Andrea Butje on August 13, 2018

    There was a time in my life when I could never have imagined myself as an Aromatherapist.

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    The #1 Way to Build Your Essential Oil Confidence

    August 06, 2018

    When you talk about your favorite essential oils and how to use them, do you ever think, “I hope I’m saying the right thing!” Would you feel confident telling someone you’re an expert in essential oils? What would it take for you to have that confidence? I can tell you, from years of being a teacher, that EDUCATION is the best basis for confidence and success as an Aromatherapist. Knowledge truly is power. I have seen so many students go from knowing a few basics about essential oils, to being true experts, with knowledge of many different oils, how to use them, the science behind why they work, and the CONFIDENCE to use them creatively and talk about them clearly. […]

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