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    “Thyme for Sleep!” Essential Oil Lotion Recipe for Sleep

    Sleep soundly with this thyme essential oil lotion recipe!

    Do you look forward to tucking yourself into bed, only to be unable to fall asleep? 

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    Low Attention Span? 3 Essential Oils for Attention and Focus!

    Essential Oils for Attention and Focus to Help You Get Things Done!

    Okay, time to write this week’s blog post!

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    Lavender’s Advice for Natural Pain Relief

    February 25, 2019

    Lavender essential oil heard you have some muscle pain. Lavender knows that some people say the best way to deal with pain is to “tough it out.” Well, it may be true that discomfort is part of life, but Lavender wants you to know that you don’t have to “tough it out!” Lavender believes it’s healthy to support and nourish yourself when you’re in pain or uncomfortable. There are plenty of ways you can practice natural pain relief. Life is meant to be enjoyed! A few ways that Lavender loves supporting itself to ease pain include taking a break, relaxing in a warm bath, learning something new, laughing with friends, and getting a massage! […]

    Band-Aid in a Bottle (Essential Oils for Healing)

    August 20, 2018

    4 amazing essential oils for healing . . . and how to use them safely! Lavender loves having fun and taking care of people. And it has a little advice for you. Lavender says, don’t worry about getting hurt when you go out to have fun! Run, play, dance, garden, and travel the world with peace of mind! Lavender knows that you can’t control events. It believes that having peace of mind isn’t about making sure you never get hurt, but about feeling confident in your ability to heal. Lavender will be right there to soothe you if something doesn’t go as planned. It’s one of four powerful essential oils for healing that I’d like to share in this blog post. […]

    Easy-to-Make Moisturizer Recipe with Coconut and Lavender

    January 22, 2018

    You'll love this simple Coconut Lavender Moisturizer Recipe! Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve run out of your favorite natural moisturizer, and aren’t in a position to get more right away? I want to share a recipe for making your own moisturizer in a pinch. It only requires two ingredients, both of which you may already have! They are coconut oil and Lavender essential oil. This easy moisturizer recipe can be a real “life saver” if you run out of moisturizer and can’t get more right away. (It may even become your new favorite moisturizer!) […]

    The Lavender Way: Lavender Distillers & Stewards of the Land

    October 17, 2016

    What if growing Lavender was not just a hobby or a job, but a way of life? My friends Gill and Derek Pearce at The Lavender Way (in Crete) are making it just that! They grow Lavender plants and olive trees, and they are so dedicated to growing organically, with all respect for the plants’ natural processes, that it seems the plants have cultivated Gill and Derek’s lives—instead of the other way around!  […]

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