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    3 Ways to Use 1 Essential Oil for Stress Relief

    Today, I’m going to tell you about ONE amazing essential oil for stress relief, and teach you THREE different ways to use it.

    It’s Patchouli—Pogostemon cablin.

    Patchouli essential oil is gentle on skin, calms the nervous system, and reduces inflammation.

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    What are Essential Oils Good For?

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    Which Essential Oils are Best to Relieve Stress Headaches?

    September 19, 2019

    3 of the Best Essential Oils to Relieve Stress Headaches + How to Use Them Safely If you have a stress headache right now, I’ll bet you don’t want to be looking at your screen too much. So let’s get right to the good stuff! I’m going to tell you one of the best ways to relieve stress headaches with essential oils. I’ll tell you about the oils, and give you a recipe for using them. […]

    Which Essential Oils to Use for Stress: 5 Oils I Love!

    May 02, 2019

    Which essential oils to use for stress, why they work, and how to use them! As an Aromatherapy educator, I’ve guided people to use essential oils for over 20 years, showing them things like how to use essential oils for pain relief, what safety concerns to be aware of, and yes—which essential oils to use for stress. It’s so important to me to base all of my suggestions on science and research (and along with that, experience!). All of the essential oils I’m about to share have been researched. They’ve been shown to have components that can genuinely help calm the nervous system, and help us feel relaxed. […]

    Hot Springs in the Forest Bath Salt Recipe

    November 13, 2017

    When was the last time you relaxed in a hot springs in a forest? Whether you said “Just last week,” or “I’ve never done that,” then it’s been far too long! I can’t actually take you to a hot springs in the forest, but I can give you this bath salt recipe that can help you feel like you’re there (if you close your eyes!). It’s made with Vetiver and Siberian Fir essential oils. Vetiver has a deep, earthy aroma that is often used in perfumes. It’s grounding and comforting, and is so calming to the nervous system that it has earned the nickname “Oil of Tranquility.” […]

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