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    Which Essential Oil is Best for Reducing Anxiety?

    by Andrea Butje on August 22, 2019

    The Best Essential Oil for Reducing Anxiety? 4 Oils Shown to WORK!

    I get a lot of questions about which essential oil is BEST for reducing anxiety.

    And I am so happy to share what I know about this!

    Because anxiety can feel like a really disruptive force in your life—your emotions, the balance of your mind, your schedule, your work, and even your relationships can all feel the influence of it. It’s as though anxiety “takes you away from yourself,” and you might not feel like you can fully show up for the people who are important to you.

    There are a lot of essential oils that can help. If you ask me, there really is no “best” essential oil for reducing anxiety.

    That said, some essential oils are more effective than others.

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    5 Ways to Use Aromatherapy for Comfort (something for everyone!)

    by Andrea Butje on August 08, 2019

    5 Kinds of Comfort Aromatherapy can Offer to Soothe Your Heart

    The other day I went to see my friend Lavender essential oil.

    (Yup, my friend is an essential oil, haha! And actually, “Lavender” is a sweet nickname. Its “full name” is Lavandula angustifolia. But everybody just calls it Lavender.)

    I noticed that Lavender’s kitchen was a beautiful aromatic mess. It was not very tidy, but it sure did smell good!

    I asked, “Lavender, what are you up to?”

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