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    Ahh, Relief! Essential Oil Blend for Shoulder Pain

    by Andrea Butje on June 22, 2020

    Let’s Make an All-natural Essential Oil Blend for Shoulder Pain that Offers FAST Relief!

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    Which Essential Oils Help Neck Pain

    by Andrea Butje on January 09, 2020

    Gingergrass essential oil has a desk job.

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    What is Ginger Essential Oil Good For?

    December 26, 2019

    Ginger essential oil is good for digestion, nausea, and natural pain relief. It’s important to use Ginger SAFELY in a blend. Ginger essential oil has a lot of talents. And it’s pretty famous for them, too! For example, a lot of people know that Ginger essential oil is good for supporting digestion. (You can use it in a belly cream after a big meal.) Another benefit Ginger essential oil is good for, is easing nausea. (Just a drop or two added to an Aromatherapy inhaler can calm those feelings of queasiness in your belly.) […]

    3 Essential Oils for Tension Headaches that WORK!

    November 04, 2019


    5 Essential Oils for Knee Pain & Inflammation

    July 15, 2019

    Looking for a natural answer to knee pain that keeps you up at night? Try these 5 essential oils for knee pain! Essential oils offer us a natural, effective choice for soothing pain—including pain that’s ongoing and chronic. In that case, we want something that’s incredibly effective... but we’re going to be using it on our bodies regularly over a longer period of time. We definitely want it to be all natural, too. The recipe for a knee pain relief blend I’m about to share fits the bill! First, I want to tell you about the essential oils in this blend, so you know how they’ll be working for you. […]

    Turmeric Oil + 3 Other Essential Oils for Joint Pain

    June 27, 2019

    How to Blend Turmeric Oil with 3 Other Essential Oils for Joint Pain for Natural Relief! Turmeric is one of my favorite essential oils for joint pain. It calms inflammation and relieves pain so well! Even persistent pain that shows up in our joints and prevents us from enjoying things like typing, going up and down stairs, driving, walking, dancing, gardening . . . (this list could get really long!) I want to show you how to use Turmeric oil in a base of aloe vera gel, along with three other amazing essential oils for joint pain: Juniper, Cedarwood, and Lemon. I love aloe vera gel as a base for this blend, because it doesn’t leave your hands or joints feeling oily after you apply it. The aloe vera gel is light, and absorbs quickly into skin. The perfect carrier for when we want our essential oils to get right to work on a painful area! […]

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