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    Get Back to Better with Essential Oils for Back Pain!

    by Andrea Butje, LMT, Aromatherapy Educator on September 17, 2018

    Using essential oils for back pain in a way that offers real relief

    If you know anyone who experiences back pain, they are going to love you after this post!

    And if it’s you who suffers through back pain, you’ll get to try this recipe out before sharing it with friends, so you’ll experience its benefits firsthand.

    This is a back pain butter made with rich, nourishing carriers that are known to deeply relieve pain in muscles and joints. I’ve also added essential oils for back pain that have the same effects, so we can take this blend to incredible levels of natural pain relief.

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    Band-Aid in a Bottle (Essential Oils for Healing)

    4 amazing essential oils for healing . . . and how to use them safely!

    Lavender loves having fun and taking care of people.

    And it has a little advice for you.

    Lavender says, don’t worry about getting hurt when you go out to have fun! Run, play, dance, garden, and travel the world with peace of mind!

    Lavender knows that you can’t control events. It believes that having peace of mind isn’t about making sure you never get hurt, but about feeling confident in your ability to heal. Lavender will be right there to soothe you if something doesn’t go as planned. It’s one of four powerful essential oils for healing that I’d like to share in this blog post.

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