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    Use Essential Oils to Prevent Colds & the Flu (a recipe)

    by Andrea Butje on September 23, 2019

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    3 Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

    by Andrea Butje on August 19, 2019

    How to Make a Body Oil that Supports Health Using 3 Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

    Frankincense and Myrrh like to collaborate on Aromatherapy blends a lot. I was fortunate to sit in on one of their recent creative meetings, when they weren’t sure what to make . . .

    Frankincense: “Myrrh, I’ve been thinking about our next blend. What do you think we should make?”

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    How to Do a Eucalyptus Steam (+ why it works!)

    April 15, 2019

    Here’s how to do a Eucalyptus steam safely, so you get all the benefits of the essential oil without having to be concerned. Eucalyptus is one of the most effective essential oils for issues like colds and coughs. It’s a strong natural immunity booster. (I’ll explain why it works so well after I share how to do a Eucalyptus steam.) Steam itself has such therapeutic effects, too—it surrounds us, cradling us in nourishing warmth, helping us relax and release tension. Adding a little essential oil to the steam deepens its benefits. But you don’t have to get in the shower or have a steamy sauna. You can do a “mini-steam” right in your kitchen! First, fill a bowl with warm, steamy water. Be careful not to burn yourself. […]

    Gentle Back Rub Essential Oil Blend for Kids with Coughs and Colds

    January 24, 2019

    Roman Chamomile and Balsam Fir just hate to see kids suffering. […]

    Juniper Body Butter for Body Aches during a Cold or Flu

    February 26, 2018

    The next time you have a cold or the flu, Juniper essential oil wants you to give it a call. It will bring over some Aromatherapy blends to help clear your congestion, and it’ll draw you a nice warm bath. And I hope you like massages, because Juniper plans to give you a soothing muscle massage after your bath (just in case you weren’t already relaxed enough!) It will focus on those areas that feel sore and achy when you’re sick. (Juniper’s not sure why body aches sometimes appear when we have the flu or a cold . . . but it’s sure it can ease the pain!) […]

    3-Hour Aromahead Class on Using Essential Oils for Colds and Flu!

    January 08, 2018

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down with a cup of your favorite tea and watch a video that would tell you everything you need to know about using essential oils for colds and flu? And wouldn’t it also be great if you only needed five essential oils to make all of the blends in the video? And wouldn’t it also also (haha!) be great if it explained the chemistry of those five oils, so you could make more informed blending choices? You’d know just how to use essential oils for colds and flu to keep your family healthy . . . and all from a video! Ah, it sounds like a dream . . . […]

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