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    Making Essential Oil Solid Perfume (for happiness!)

    by Karen Williams on April 23, 2020

    Don’t worry, be happy with this essential oil solid perfume!

    Making an essential oil solid perfume is a GREAT way to support your emotions!

    Since a solid perfume is a balm, it doesn’t absorb too quickly into your skin. And the beeswax helps “fix” the essential oils, so they don’t evaporate as quickly as they might in a liquid perfume recipe.

    This means the essential oils linger longer, making their gorgeous, mood-enhancing aromas more available throughout the day.

    In this post, I’m making a solid perfume with essential oils to inspire optimism and peace!

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    What is Peru Balsam? (+ 3 DIY Recipes!)

    by Karen Williams on March 23, 2020

    How to Use Peru Balsam in Aromatherapy

    Peru Balsam is similar to a resin.

    It’s a thick, sticky plant substance, like sap or gum.

    And it has a gorgeous aroma! It’s full of components similar to what’s found in clove, cinnamon, and vanilla. The scent is light and delicious!

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    Natural Floral Perfume Recipe with Essential Oils

    October 14, 2019


    Summer Garden Jojoba and Essential Oil Perfume: A Roll-On Recipe!

    August 12, 2019

    The great thing about making jojoba and essential oil perfume is that your blend will smell good and support your health. For example . . . Let’s say I made a jojoba and essential oil perfume with Sweet Basil. Sweet Basil essential oil has an herbaceous, sweet, anise-like aroma. It’s also wonderful for calming inflammation and relieving pain. It would make a beautiful natural perfume that also relieves headaches. And if we wanted to stick with that “trend” of essential oils that smell good and calm inflammation, we could blend a few drops of Sweet Basil with Cardamom and Geranium. […]

    2 Essential Oil Roll-On Recipes (+ why they work!)

    July 25, 2019

    Essential Oil Roll-On Recipes Make Aromatherapy Convenient Part of making essential oil blends that work for you, is using methods that work for your lifestyle. If you find a great bath salt recipe, but you never take baths . . . you can usually adapt that blend to use in the shower. If you see a diffuser blend you want to try, but you don’t have a diffuser . . . you can often adjust and make that blend in an Aromatherapy inhaler. Aromatherapy should be simple and convenient, and your blends should work for YOUR lifestyle. That’s why I love essential oil roll-on recipes! […]

    DIY Woodsy Perfume Balm Recipe (so easy!)

    May 20, 2019

    A DIY Perfume Balm Recipe to Help You De-Stress and Smell Amazing […]

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