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    Prevent Bug Bites with These 4 Essential Oils for Mosquitos and Ticks!

    How to Use Essential Oils for Mosquitos and Ticks: Protect Your Skin and Get Back Outside!

    When I say “essential oils for mosquitos,” I really mean for repelling them! (Mosquitos don’t actually like to use essential oils, in my experience!)

    This blend is made in a base of natural lotion.

    You can use any natural, unscented lotion that you like. Aromatics International online sells a beautiful natural lotion that I just love, and that’s what I use in my own lotion blends.

    You’ll also need a 2 oz (60 ml) glass jar.

    And here are the 4 essential oils for mosquitos and ticks that I’m using!

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    Tips to Bug-Proof Your Home with Essential Oils

    Bug-proof your home with essential oil recipes you can make yourself!

    I have nothing against bugs like ants and spiders—they are so beneficial to our world—but I do like them to stay outside of my house . . . and not live in my mailbox! 

    One year after we had moved into a new house, we found our mailbox was infested with ants and spiders. That was going to make getting the mail every day quite the adventure! We decided to try using essential oils to get the bugs to “bug out.” So we carefully cleaned out the mailbox with a paper towel soaked in water and Peppermint essential oil. Then we left a Peppermint-scented paper towel in the mailbox.

    It worked! Bugs, it turns out, don’t care much for the scent of Peppermint.

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    Make Natural Bug Spray and Get Through Summer!

    June 29, 2015

    If bugs think you taste sweet, this natural bug spray recipe is for you! Plants and bugs have a love-hate relationship. […]

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