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    How to Make Essential Oil Body Butter for Joint Pain

    by Andrea Butje on February 10, 2020

    Relieving joint pain naturally calls for some big players in the Aromatherapy world.

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    Everyone’s Favorite Natural Scar Butter

    by Andrea Butje on June 24, 2019

    DIY Natural Scar Butter to Reduce the Appearance of Scars

    Once you have a scar, it’s there for life.

    Or not! Have you noticed that some scars diminish over time?

    Our skin is a dynamic organ on our bodies, living, changing, growing, and healing. If we care for it and nourish it, it’s possible that we can reduce the appearance of some scars.

    I want to share a recipe from one of Aromahead’s most popular classes, Body Butters and Lip Balms. (Guess what the class is about . . .) This is a natural scar butter made with nourishing carriers that are filled with vitamins and essential fatty acids (our skin loves those). Since it comes from one of our most popular classes, I thought of a fun name for this blend!

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    Juniper Body Butter for Body Aches during a Cold or Flu

    February 26, 2018

    The next time you have a cold or the flu, Juniper essential oil wants you to give it a call. It will bring over some Aromatherapy blends to help clear your congestion, and it’ll draw you a nice warm bath. And I hope you like massages, because Juniper plans to give you a soothing muscle massage after your bath (just in case you weren’t already relaxed enough!) It will focus on those areas that feel sore and achy when you’re sick. (Juniper’s not sure why body aches sometimes appear when we have the flu or a cold . . . but it’s sure it can ease the pain!) […]

    Avo-Kombo Feel Better Butter

    April 04, 2016

    One of my favorite natural carrier butters to use in body butter recipes for healing massage is kombo butter. Kombo butter has a deep reddish-brown color, and a distinctive nutty, earthy aroma. Its consistency is thick and oily, with granule-like bits throughout that melt when it’s warmed. (You can see the texture in this picture of kombo butter from Aromatics International.) It comes from West Central Africa, and is often called “African Nutmeg.” It’s good at soothing aching joints and sore muscles thanks to its high content of natural acids that reduce inflammation. I have known people who were so helped by this butter that they refused to leave home without their kombo blend! I’d like to share a recipe that might just become a “don’t leave home without it” blend for you. […]

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