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    What makes Eucalyptus and Tea Tree so helpful for allergy relief?

    by Andrea Butje on February 22, 2016

    When we use essential oils to support allergy relief and respiratory health, what exactly are we looking for?

    We want essential oils that calm congestion, ease inflammation, reduce infection, and boost the body’s immunity so that we’re better equipped to deal with allergens and germs. It helps if they can reduce pain, too. (I used to suffer from allergies and I remember some painful headaches!)

    There are a lot of essential oils that offer this kind of support. The ones I’ve found the most helpful contain high percentages of the components 1,8 cineole and terpinen-4-ol.

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    Essential Oil Chemistry: Oils High in 1,8 cineole

    by Andrea Butje on August 02, 2009

    When we study how to use the oils therapeutically, it's important to consider essential oil chemistry.

    Essential oils are made up of hundreds of natural chemical components.  These components are an important part of the essential oil's therapeutic action.

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