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    How Deep Listening Helped an Aromatherapist Create a Best-Selling Pain Blend

    September 04, 2019

    Who wants to run a charming Aromatherapy boutique by the sea? […]

    How a Teenager with Little Access to Essential Oils became a Woman with her Own Aromatherapy Career

    August 21, 2019


    She’s Combining her Nanny’s Wisdom + Modern Science in a Fun Aromatherapy Career!

    July 24, 2019

    Wendy Aaronson’s Nanny (NannyP) grew up on a Native American reservation in South Dakota. The Native Americans taught Wendy’s Nanny about their traditional practice of plant medicine, herbs, natural remedies, and skin care. Many years later, NannyP passed this knowledge on to Wendy! Wendy told me about some fun memories she has of visiting NannyP. “Nanny was always cooking with lots of herbs and vegetables, and her bathroom was filled with lotions and creams she graciously let my sister and I slather all over ourselves! . . . Nanny had gorgeous skin into her 80s. All the wonderful smells wafting through her apartment have stuck with me all these years!” […]

    These 5 Professional Aromatherapists All Have the Same Advice

    July 17, 2019

    When Nicole was 15 years old, her friend shared a little bottle of Patchouli oil with her. That little bottle changed her life! (That feels so relatable . . . Can you remember your first encounter with an essential oil, when you realized it was something special? The oils have a way of connecting with us that can feel like magic!) Years later, Nicole decided to learn more about essential oils. Since she graduated from the Aromatherapy Certification Program, Nicole has developed a line of organic, vegan products, Urban Organics. She uses her products in her Reiki practice. People love Urban Organics so much that it’s sold in a local spa (Ophelia’s Green Spa), and used by the other spa workers. […]

    Why I Would Trust Amy for Essential Oil Advice

    July 10, 2019

    When Amy learned how to make her own Aromatherapy products, she realized something: “I found out that many people are looking for natural options. “But most important, they are looking for someone to formulate these products that knows how to do it safely and effectively.” Amy is in a position to help a lot of people. She understands the research and evidence behind essential oil safety, and how to formulate therapeutic blends. People come to her for reliable advice and effective blends all the time! […]

    How Helping Her Daughter Turned into a Beautiful Aromatherapy Career

    July 03, 2019

    Jennifer Cakus bought a small collection of eight essential oils for herself and her daughter, along with an essential oil diffuser for each of them. Neither woman was experienced with essential oils, so they started by diffusing just a few drops of one oil at a time. They both paid attention to how the oils seemed to affect them . . . and it wasn’t long before Jennifer realized that she felt less fatigued, with more “pep” in her step, and more emotionally balanced overall. Amazing! Jennifer began turning to the oils more and more. When her daughter asked her for a blend to support stress and anxiety, Jennifer was happy to help. She created a blend with Lavender essential oil . . . and was so pleased that the blend truly helped her daughter. […]

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