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    How One Aromatherapist Helps Children Process Grief

    by Andrea Butje on March 13, 2019

    Many years ago, Teresa Smith met a “hippie” who sold her a bottle of Lavender essential oil, saying it would help relieve her stress.

    Teresa had always loved the natural world, and decided to give the Lavender essential oil a try.

    It worked!

    That experience started Teresa on a journey, and she earned her Aromatherapy Certification with Aromahead Institute in 2012.

    She learned that essential oils can support us in so many therapeutic ways—from calming inflammation, preventing infection, relieving headaches, and offering more mental focus.

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    How a Full-Time Government Worker Used Aromatherapy to Help Others

    by Andrea Butje on March 06, 2019

    Dr. Phuong Le Callaway, (Ph.D) had a full-time job as a government employee, had a passion for essential oils, and wanted to have the opportunity to help her family and friends as well as herself in promoting total health and well-being by using Aromatherapy. 
    She graduated from Aromahead’s Aromatherapy Certification Program in 2016, and her knowledge of essential oil properties, chemical components, and therapeutic applications became the foundation of her efforts to help others.  She went a step further by launching her onsite Aromatherapy store, AmazingSkinCreations with Etsy, to introduce her homemade Aromatherapy products and hoped to spread to those outside her family and friend circles what essential oils can do to help those who look for an alternative therapy.  
    Sometimes, our families and friends may have a little doubt when it comes to how effective essential oils can be. It’s understandable! While Aromatherapy is becoming more popular in the mainstream, there is still a big gap in the general public’s knowledge about how essential oils work.

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    An Aromatherapy Student’s Wake-Up Call: Dilution Matters!

    February 27, 2019

    When Sheri Roach first started using essential oils and doing research on them, she found a lot of contradictory information. […]

    “Through word of mouth, I’m staying busy helping people…”

    February 20, 2019

    Aromahead Graduate Jody Pesapane lives life to the fullest, because (as she says), she knows how short it can be. […]

    Free Training: Master the Art + Science of Essential Oils!

    February 18, 2019

    Why do some essential oils have multiple versions of their Latin names? An example is Rosmarinus officinalis ct. camphor and Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone. Both of these essential oils are Rosemary . . . but the Latin names are different. Why is that? And does it matter which bottle you choose? It just so happens that some plants are capable of producing more than one type of essential oil. (And yes—it does matter which one you choose.) Isn’t that amazing? The reason some plants can do this has to do with the environment and involves chemistry. […]

    How a Frightening Diagnosis Turned into a Beautiful Aromatherapy Career

    February 13, 2019

    In 2015, Aromahead Graduate Melissa Clymer found out she had a tumor in her liver. (So scary!) […]

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