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    How to Label Aromatherapy Products (safely + legally!)

    April 01, 2013

    Yay! You’re finally selling Aromatherapy products and essential oils! You have worked so hard for this moment. You’re proud of the quality of the essential oils you’re selling, and you’ve formulated Aromatherapy recipes that truly support people. You’ve even found some beautiful bottles! Now it’s time to make the labels for your bottles . . . And you’re stumped. What should you put on your labels? You want to make a great first impression for your business. You want to be clear about what your product is, and also to protect your customer (and yourself) with the right cautionary language. […]

    Fun Tools for Social Media

    February 13, 2013

    While searching for creative free tools for social media--to make blogging and social media more engaging--I came across Pinstamatic. […]

    3 Great Business Tips!

    January 28, 2013

    Are you interested in sharing your online business with people all over the world? Gaining more exposure via social media, blogging and newsletters can feel like a full time job. Here are a few great aromatherapy business tips! These tools can help anyone who manages an online presence. 1. TinyURL TinyURL was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier. When you want to share a link that is very long, this tool shortens it for you. They have a "custom alias" option so you can add a word of your choice to the end of the link. I used my business name, Aromahead, on the end of this link to my book. For example, the link to my book on Amazon is this: […]

    Comment Luv

    December 20, 2012

    My CommentLuv review! I recently discovered a great WordPress plugin that I wanted to share with you all. So this is my CommentLuv review! […]

    Have you Written a Mission Statement for your Business?

    August 17, 2012

    A mission statement describes the purpose of your business. Having a mission statement for your business answers the question "Why do we exist?"  It tells people why you created your business in the first place. (And sometimes you may need it to remind you why, as well!) […]

    Facebook Timeline

    February 10, 2012

    Have you noticed that some people have cool-looking new Facebook pages? That's Facebook Timeline! Facebook is currently introducing Timeline as a way to "tell your life story with a new kind of profile." […]

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