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    This Works! Eucalyptus Inhaler Recipe for Allergies

    by Andrea Butje on July 22, 2019

    A Eucalyptus Inhaler Recipe for Allergies that Works for Short-Term AND Long-Term Relief!

    Back when I used to suffer from allergies, I met my friend Eucalyptus essential oil . . . and it was a life-changing friendship!

    Eucalyptus showed me that allergies aren’t inevitable. It taught me to make body oils, diffuser blends, natural cleaners, and more to soothe my symptoms. It also taught me a Eucalyptus inhaler recipe for allergies, which I’d like to share with you today.

    Eucalyptus even explained to me how it worked . . .

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    Steam with Essential Oils for Allergies

    by Andrea Butje on May 29, 2017

    Using essential oils for allergies can change your whole experience of allergy season!

    If allergies behaved the way we wanted, they’d never be there in the first place.
    Sometimes they are predictable—if you know you are allergic to something, or you always get seasonal allergies, you can prepare yourself for them.

    But they can also be unpredictable. If you get seasonal allergies and then move to a new geographic region, you may find you leave your allergies behind. Or develop a few new ones! Sometimes allergies disappear after years of having them, and sometimes your body seems to “suddenly” develop a reaction to something that you’ve been exposed to for a long time.

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    An Effective Approach to Relieve Allergies Naturally!

    July 02, 2014

    Years ago, I used essential oils to relieve allergies naturally. As it turned out, I was not only able to reduce my symptoms . . . I was able to eliminate them for the long term! My results blew me away. I had expected to see some improvement in my symptoms, but I was surprised that essential oils helped me relieve allergies naturally so thoroughly. […]

    Suffering With Allergies?

    June 27, 2014

    I recently did a survey on allergies, and the results were really interesting. 195 people filled out the survey and I asked three questions. […]

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