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    How an Aromatherapy Student Helped a Girl with Chronic Skin Issues

    by Andrea Butje on January 16, 2019

    When Diana Ekonomou sat down with a young lady (11 years old) who had severe eczema, she wanted to use her knowledge of essential oils to help.

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    How a Croatian Woman Used Aromatherapy “Magic” to Ease Joint Pain

    by Andrea Butje on January 09, 2019

    Jasminka Saric is from Croatia, where she grew up in a small village and developed a deep love for herbs, essential oils, and the natural world.

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    What kinds of Careers in Aromatherapy are out there?

    January 07, 2019

    Welcome to 2019! Do you have big plans for the coming year? Dreams or changes you would like to see in your life? Changing your life for the better is all about having a dream that inspires you, and then taking step-by-step actions toward that goal. Maybe you’ve even thought about starting a career in Aromatherapy. But is that possible? What kinds of opportunities are really out there that Aromatherapists can do for work? Actually, now is the PERFECT time to use essential oils professionally! Lots of people are starting careers in Aromatherapy, or using essential oils in an existing business. […]

    How Debbi Turned a Love for Holistic Health into a Full-Time Aromatherapy Career

    January 02, 2019

    If your Grandmother raised you close to nature, taking you camping and teaching you about natural remedies, plants, and herbs, you might grow up assuming that most people were aware of how to care for their health holistically. After all, if natural living had always been a part of your life, it would seem . . . well . . . natural to you! This was Debbi Alberto’s experience. Imagine how surprised Debbi was when she realized that most people in her life knew next to nothing about natural remedies, holistic care, and nurturing their health with herbs and plants. […]

    How Elena Solved her Natural Moisturizer Dilemma (+ Runs a Business!)

    December 26, 2018

    Elena Romanova always had a passion for skin care. When she was younger, she created a simple, all-natural skin care routine, using homemade infused herbal brews, exfoliating with salt, and making a nourishing mask with egg, lemon, and honey. But she couldn’t quite find a good all-natural solution for moisturizing. (I hear you, Elena! It has confused many of us who love natural skin care!) Elena went on with her life, and soon found herself in a successful career—one where she was a qualified professional... but eventually it stopped feeling fulfilling. It was time for a big life change! […]

    How an Aromatherapist Helps Individuals Who’ve Experienced Trauma

    December 19, 2018

    Aromahead Graduate Cynthia Tamlyn has a very special focus in her business. “I have dedicated my practice to improving the lives of children and adults who have experienced trauma. My mission is to bridge the work of trauma research, neuroscience, and clinical aromatherapy.” She works with families, children, first responders, veterans, and other survivors of violence. Trauma is never easy, and it is especially heartbreaking when children experience it. Working within the trauma field takes a special skill set, patience, and a big heart. […]

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