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The PhD Scientist Helping Essential Oils Go Mainstream

The PhD Scientist Helping Essential Oils Go Mainstream

Dr. Becker is a researcher and Aromahead graduate!

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen aromatherapy gain more attention from conventional medicine. Essential oils are even being used as complementary therapies in clinics and hospitals. 

We have researchers like Dr. Shannon Becker to thank for this.

Dr. Becker is a PhD scientist, author, peer reviewer, and an Aromahead graduate! (Check out her website!)

She discovered the power of essential oils while finishing her PhD.

“I learned that relaxation exercises, physical exercise,
and essential oils form a great complement to my
traditional treatments for chronic pain and anxiety disorder.

“I decided to further my study of essential oils and
became a certified aromatherapist with Aromahead Institute.”

Aromatherapy vs viruses

Dr. Becker has studied cancer, genetics, and evolution, and her work has been published in prominent research journals. She’s written for AromaCulture Magazine, and a piece for the Tisserand Institute on the science of using Essential Oils to Prevent the Spread of Flu. 

In 2020, she also wrote a piece called Essential Oils and Coronaviruses. It helped clear up a lot of misinformation about what essential oils can and can’t do to protect us during the pandemic. She explained in clear layman’s terms how the virus works and how we can use essential oils to manage symptoms of the illness:

“If only mild symptoms are present, you could use essential oils
to assist in their alleviation—chest rubs containing pinene or cineole
rich essential oils such as Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) or Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), steam inhalation with the same oils, etc.”

Dr. Becker also suggested using aromatherapy to calm anxieties that may rise during stressful times.

More recently, Dr. Becker was awarded a grant by AIA (the Alliance of International Aromatherapists). 

The grant has allowed her to conduct important research on the role that essential oils can play in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder that affects the joints, skin, and blood vessels).

The future of aromatherapy depends on science

Until recently, using essential oils meant relying on traditions—looking at folk remedies and ancient uses for plants. We could also look to user experiences of the oils, listening to how others have used them and what their results were.

These are still important sources of information, but they can’t replace science.

Science plays a key role—not only in the way that we use
essential oils, but in the future of aromatherapy as a field.

The more research we have about how essential oils work, the more we can rely on them for natural wellness. We may even see more doctors recommending them in clinical settings.

And research takes time and patience!

Becoming educated to be a scientist takes time in and of itself, and individual research studies are often painstakingly detailed. They require diligence and an unbiased attention to detail that won’t influence the results of the study.

I feel so privileged to live during a time when science is unveiling so much about essential oils—and I’m honored to have people like Dr. Becker as graduates of Aromahead Institute!

Play a role in aromatherapy’s future: study science

If you’re interested in studying the science of essential oils and helping build the future of aromatherapy, check out the Aromatherapy Certification Program that Dr. Becker trusted. Her feedback on the ACP brought a big smile to my face.

“I really appreciate learning the science of aromatherapy
and I like that Aromahead is able to integrate this information.

“I’ve investigated other schools that are less scientific
and those were not good fits for me.”

At Aromahead, we get to know each of our students in the ACP. We work one-on-one with them to guide them through their studies and help them reach their goals. We’d love to have you join our community of science-based aromatherapists!

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Jenny serves as Co-Director of Education at Aromahead Institute, where she works closely with students to guide them in using essential oils safely and effectively in their daily lives, and helps them earn aromatherapy certification, and graduate level certification. Jenny has always had a passion for learning and teaching. She spent years as a high school English teacher, helping people learn new skills, and developing a classroom culture built on trust and collaboration. In her free time, Jenny can be found hiking with her adorable black lab, Buckley, curled up with a good book, or catching up with friends.

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