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How Helping Her Daughter Turned into a Beautiful Aromatherapy Career

by Andrea Butje on July 03, 2019

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Jennifer Cakus bought a small collection of eight essential oils for herself and her daughter, along with an essential oil diffuser for each of them.

Neither woman was experienced with essential oils, so they started by diffusing just a few drops of one oil at a time.

They both paid attention to how the oils seemed to affect them . . . and it wasn’t long before Jennifer realized that she felt less fatigued, with more “pep” in her step, and more emotionally balanced overall.


Jennifer began turning to the oils more and more. When her daughter asked her for a blend to support stress and anxiety, Jennifer was happy to help. She created a blend with Lavender essential oil . . . and was so pleased that the blend truly helped her daughter.

Jennifer told me, “I was super thrilled to finally have something that was helping regulate our emotions better, giving us energy, and the natural aroma was wonderful. These simple little oils were amazing. How come I hadn’t discovered them sooner?”

(I think a lot of us feel this way when we first discover essential oils!)

In 2017, Jennifer’s work went through budget cuts . . . and she found herself without a job.

What she did have was a lot of free time. She decided to use that time studying essential oils in depth.

“I thought if I knew more about oils it would be of great benefit to me because I could not only help my daughter, I could also help educate others.”

She did a little searching online, and eventually landed at Aromahead Institute, where she earned her Aromatherapy Certification.

With the depth of understanding and education, Jennifer’s daughter, mom, and other family members began asking her for help with some of their wellness issues.

As she customized blends to help people she cared for, Jennifer realized she was creating a whole line of all-natural, organic, therapeutic products . . . products which could help many more people than her family and friends!

Jennifer’s business “Lilac Dreams” was born!

Lilac Dreams has a whole line of products, including lip balms, body butters, massage oils, face mists, deodorants, inhalers, and more.

Most of Jennifer’s customers come through word of mouth, and she has fun setting up her table at craft fairs and farmers’ markets. She even has an online shop right on Facebook! (Yup, you can order her products directly from her Facebook shop!)

Jennifer is really helping people with her Aromatherapy career.

“I have had several customers tell me that not only do the products smell good, but that they’re refreshing, calming, or that they reduce anxiety. I’ve also been told that my allergy and sleep inhalers are very helpful.”

I love Jennifer’s story—it’s such a sweet example of how essential oil education can help us be there for those we love. And this can blossom into a beautiful Aromatherapy career that also helps others . . . and earns extra income if we need it.

Lilac Dreams is Jennifer’s fun hobby and side business for now . . . but she told me that her job is once again going through some budget cuts. Lilac Dreams is right there as an extra line of support if she needs it!

If she wants to go for her dream of having a physical Aromatherapy shop, I feel so confident and excited in her ability to achieve it!

Thanks for sharing your story Jennifer!

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Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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