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She’s Combining her Nanny’s Wisdom + Modern Science in a Fun Aromatherapy Career!

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Wendy Aaronson’s Nanny (NannyP) grew up on a Native American reservation in South Dakota.

The Native Americans taught Wendy’s Nanny about their traditional practice of plant medicine, herbs, natural remedies, and skin care.

Many years later, NannyP passed this knowledge on to Wendy!

Wendy told me about some fun memories she has of visiting NannyP.

“Nanny was always cooking with lots of herbs and vegetables, and her bathroom was filled with lotions and creams she graciously let my sister and I slather all over ourselves! . . . Nanny had gorgeous skin into her 80s. All the wonderful smells wafting through her apartment have stuck with me all these years!”

But though Wendy grew up surrounded by traditional wisdom and the beauty of natural products, she didn’t actively make her own products (and never dreamed she’d have her own Aromatherapy career!)

This changed when one day she was spending time with a friend . . . but her low back was in a lot of pain.

Her friend whipped up a small blend of essential oils in olive oil, telling Wendy to rub it all over her back. Wendy did, and . . .

“In minutes the pain subsided and I just had to find out why this worked!”

She Googled for an Aromatherapy school, and found Aromahead Institute!

She decided to start with the free course, Introduction to Essential Oils, and fell in love with Aromahead’s fun, relatable teaching style, and the evidence-based curriculum.

As much as her NannyP taught her to value tradition, using essential oils in ways backed by science was important to Wendy.

She decided to continue studying, and even earned her Aromatherapy Certification from Aromahead’s ACP!

As Wendy’s knowledge and skills grew, she started making her own products—a simple salt scrub and shea body butter were her first two blends.

At first she just used her products for herself, but soon she realized how much others loved them, too. Her husband even encouraged her to get a booth at the farmer’s market and local art festivals.

When I asked her about those days, she said, “People would wander into my booth and ask me if I could make them specific products for their needs. So, little by little I added more natural products as I learned about more and more about the various oils and butters from the many Aromahead courses I took.”

Slowly, product by product, Wendy’s Aromatherapy career NannyP Skin Treats was born!

Soon, Wendy had a NannyP Skin Treats shop on Etsy.

After she completed Aromahead’s Teacher Training Program, Wendy realized she had all of the materials and skills to make creating her own live, in-person Aromatherapy classes as easy as 1-2-3!

Now, in addition to running her Etsy store, Wendy offers themed essential oil classes for topics like healthy cleaning, and cold & flu prevention.

What started as a fun hobby has become Wendy’s full-time Aromatherapy career.

She absolutely loves that she’s able to help others with her knowledge of essential oils.

And then there’s also the beautiful thrill that she’s actually running her own business. What a dream . . . and she’s really doing it!

“I’ve never had my own business before! Sometimes I take a moment and remind myself of this journey and how far I’ve come.”

I am so inspired by Wendy!

She’s keeping her Nanny’s wisdom alive, backing all of that traditional knowledge with a solid education, and helping others in her career!

I want to thank her for sharing her story with us. It was a pleasure to have Wendy as a student, and is an honor to have her as a graduate!

Are you curious about growing your own Aromatherapy career?

You can get started with the same Aromatherapy Certification Program that Wendy took to deepen her understanding of science, her blending skills, and her business sense.

“When you join the Aromahead community, you really are a part of a family that you can always reach out to for support and guidance, and friendship!”

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