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What She’s Doing Fills Me with Admiration…

Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora) is a very endangered plant. It’s highly commercially valued and overharvested (sometimes illegally).

But the Aromatherapy profession is full of brilliant, passionate people who are dedicated to making a real difference.

Kelly Ablard, PhD, EOTOne of those people is Kelly Ablard, PhD, EOT, and amazing human being (pictured right). Kelly is one of Aromahead’s case study instructors, working with students in the Aromatherapy Certification Program as they formulate therapeutic blends for people and earn their Certification.

Kelly has done a HUGE amount of independent work that supports plants, animals, and indigenous peoples around the world.

Her latest project is about conserving Rosewood and supporting the people of Peru.

She’s raising funds for it right now!

This is another thing I love about the Aromatherapy profession . . . the way we can all come together to support the heart-felt work being done—for the plants, for our planet, and for our fellow human beings. By supporting each other, we can ALL make a real difference in the world!

Let me tell you about what Kelly is doing . . .

Her ongoing research project is about protecting Rosewood and bringing economic stability to the people of Peru.

She’s doing this by collaborating with Peruvian universities, supporting the local Shipibo and Quechua communities (with essential oils and training), and providing shoes and school supplies for Peruvian children.

And this is Phase 3 of her project! Phases 1 and 2 are already successfully completed. This project is already helping people and having a significant impact!

Donate to Kelly’s Project

Phase 1
Kelly did initial studies about aromatic plant medicine in Peru and the conservation status of those plants.

Most of the locals who helped in her study use aromatic medicine as a part of their daily lives, and were aware of (and worried about) the disappearance of their plants as a result of things like deforestation, climate change, and overharvesting.

The Peruvians have already taken steps to try to preserve their aromatic medicinal plants, and Kelly’s work is helping them do so more efficiently and effectively.

When they expressed an interest in learning about the science behind WHY their traditional plants work so well, Kelly taught them some essential oil chemistry, as well as about methods of high-yield, low-impact essential oil extraction.

Reforestation project: Peru.

Phase 2
Phase 2 of the project grew naturally out of Phase 1. It involved locating wild Rosewood, and then ensuring the plants’ genus and species through expert and chemical analysis.

Phase 2 involved working more closely with the Shipibo and Quechua to cultivate a sustainable source of this precious plant, and to deliver essential oils to their communities. Kelly also offered  instruction and educational materials to their local healers and leaders, so they knew how to use the essential oils effectively and safely.

Kelly’s fundraiser page says, “The medicine and sharing of knowledge is helping to support the healing over 1,000 people!”

29852548_15262943790_rSo what’s happening in Phase 3?

Kelly’s going to work to make sure everything on the legal end is sorted out.

She’ll establish land and business agreements, and create a plan to get a CITES permit for legally exporting the Rosewood essential oil, planting the seeds, and continuing to provide education to the local peoples.

Want to support this incredible project?

There are a lot of details to consider to make something on this scale happen!

Your support will go directly to:

  • Flights
  • Transportation
  • Vaccinations
  • Printing and packaging educational materials and essential oils
  • Translating legal agreements
  • Local guides
  • Shoes and school supplies for village children
  • DNA analysis
  • GC/MS analysis
  • Translators
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Supplies
  • Seeds
  • Bottles and carrier oils
  • And other necessities for the trip

You can learn more and see pictures of Kelly’s work in Phases 1 and 2 on her GoFundMe page, where you can also make a donation to support the project. 

Your support for this project will make a huge difference. It MATTERS!

This is a chance for the Aromatherapy community to come together to change people’s lives, and to show our support for an endangered plant that has so much medicine to offer.

I hope you can join me in supporting Kelly’s work!


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