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Keeping her Native American heritage alive with essential oils

Keeping her Native American heritage alive with essential oils

A family history of natural plant therapy

Jeanine Gordon is a member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla Native American Tribes.

She’s also an Aromahead graduate, and is highly educated in essential oil science.

When Jeanine was little, her mother told her stories about her great-grandmother, who was a Tribal healer.

Jeanine says, “I loved hearing those stories, and was in awe that she knew so much about herbs and plants and used them to help people recover from sickness.”

Loving those stories (and loving herbs and plants!) was enough for Jeanine (for a while!) She married a wonderful man and had two children.

A dream to help others… together

However, Jeanine and her husband were both very busy. 

She worked for a public transportation company, and her husband ran a catering company. 

They didn’t get enough time to see one another. They asked each other…

“When will we spend more time together, if we don’t do it now?”

So they decided to start up another business—one they would work at TOGETHER!

They dreamed of a business that would support people’s health naturally. Something that would enable others to center their minds for deep inner peace, and balance their bodies for more vibrant, energized physical health. 

Jeanine felt called to honor her great-grandmother, and continue the “family tradition” of being a natural healer.

Essential oils were the perfect fit!

A big leap: aromatherapy certification!

Jeanine’s first step was to take a big leap! 

She quit her job and poured all of her energy into learning about essential oils.

Her quest for reliable information led her to Aromahead Institute, and the Aromatherapy Certification Program (the ACP). 

Jeanine says, “Aromahead Institute helped rekindle the art of natural therapy in my lineage…

“What I loved most about the ACP was
working with case studies. 

“I was able to make all-natural products
and see successful therapeutic results
that improved people’s well-being.
That is most rewarding!”

(Check out Jeanine’s graduate profile to learn more about her experience at Aromahead!)

Once Jeanine had the education on essential oils she needed, she and her husband started building their business.

The perfect name for their aromatherapy business

First, they needed to find the right name. 

For that, Jeanine looked to her given Native American name: Tsawix’-puu (which translates as “Sweet Root – people of.”) 

Their business Sweet Root Sensations was born!

Sweet Root Sensations sells ready-made products such as lip balms, inhalers, chakra balancing roll-ons, and more.

Jeanine also offers aromatherapy consultations and classes. She can even teach small classes over the phone or virtually.

Today, Jeanine and her husband work side by side,
spending as much time together as they like!

Jeanine says…

“Through aromatherapy, I am thrilled that I can have a similar knowledge about the essential oils of plants and trees, roots and leaves, and follow in the path of my great-grandmother to help people find a balanced, healthy, more natural way of living. Thank you Aromahead Institute!”

Traditional therapy meets modern science

And I’d like to say… thank YOU, Jeanine, for bridging the gap between traditional therapies and modern science, so you can more effectively help others.  

Jeanine’s story shows that aromatherapy can connect us with the natural healing traditions of the past, and keep those traditions alive in these modern times. I’m beyond thrilled that she and her husband are using this natural art to build their life together, strengthening their relationship and supporting their clients’ health. 

Learn about the Aromatherapy Certification Program that Jeanine graduated from here.

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Karen serves as Co-Director of Education at Aromahead Institute, where she works closely with students and helps them earn aromatherapy certification. Karen’s strong values for healthcare, education, and sustainable practices have guided her entire career, and remain the principles that shape her daily activities at Aromahead. Karen loves sharing her knowledge of essential oils and how they can enhance the beauty of ones’ journey through life and has authored numerous articles and guides on the safe and effective therapeutic uses of essential oils. In Karen’s free time, she can be found hiking amongst nature, reading, and enjoying her family.

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