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How a Budding Aromatherapist Helped a Concert Pianist Play at Her Best

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Hazel Ketko loved essential oils, but didn’t feel confident in her ability to use them to help others.

This was even after she’d taken Aromahead’s ACP (Aromatherapy Certification Program) and AGP (Advanced Graduate Program).

I can tell you, there is a lot of science and practical application in those two programs!

And Hazel was a fantastic student.

And yet, there is a big difference between knowing that essential oils work and actually getting out there in the world and using your skills to help people feel better.

So when Hazel’s friend came to her saying, “I know someone who is a popular concert pianist in Japan and Asia, and she is having a lot of trouble with an injured finger. Can you help?” . . . Hazel was a little hesitant.

The pianist had injured her finger 10 years ago.

And it still sometimes caused problems!

The pain would reduce her ability to practice and perform, and that would lead to episodes of sadness and depression.

Even though Hazel didn’t feel fully confident in herself, she knew she wanted to help the pianist if at all possible. No one should have to suffer unnecessarily, especially when there are natural solutions for pain that could help.

Hazel had a solid foundation of essential oil knowledge, so she decided to give it a try, and booked a consultation with the pianist.

Hazel said, “After our first consultation, I made her an oil blend of Frankincense, Helichrysum, Rosewood, Balsam Fir, and Copaiba, using Trauma Oil as a carrier. I also made her an inhaler and bath oil to support her emotionally.”

Hazel sent off all the blends to her new client, and said, “Let me know how you feel in two weeks.”

After two weeks . . . Hazel had heard nothing.

After three weeks . . . there was still nothing!

Hazel began to feel concerned that the blends may not have helped . . . that the pianist’s finger may even have gotten worse.

Finally, after a full month, she got an email from the pianist. The woman apologized for not getting in touch sooner, but said she had been so busy touring that she hadn’t had time to reach out.

But more importantly . . . her finger felt much better!

It was not 100% better, but it no longer felt numb or painful after practicing or performing.

Hazel said, “Because her finger is better, she is also feeling happier and not as stressed as before. She has now become my friend and my first ‘regular’ client, and she had given me confidence in using the knowledge that I have learned from the ACP and AGP to help others. It’s a wonderful feeling, to say the least.”

I love Hazel’s story!

It shows that when we help others with Aromatherapy, they are able to help us in return. We offer them natural, essential oil solutions for their pain . . . and they offer us the sweet experience of being able to help others, building our confidence, and even encouraging us to reach out and help more people with self-assurance and clarity.

It is a give-and-receive relationship on both ends. How beautiful!

I wanted to share Hazel’s story with you, because I know that even after you receive education and feel like you understand the science behind essential oils, a lack of confidence can still show up.

It can discourage you from offering help to others.

That is okay—it is perfectly natural.

Knowledge offers the foundation for confidence and success, but true, bone-deep self-assurance is nurtured through our experience. Then it is no longer a matter of believing you can help—it is about seeing it in action.

If you would like to learn more about the programs that gave Hazel the foundation for her own knowledge—and for helping a touring pianist perform at her best and feel happier—you can learn about the ACP here.

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