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Essential Oils for Stress Relief: Your Magic DIY Inhaler!

stress relief inhaler

Do you have a few reliable “go to” essential oils for stress relief?

You will after you finish reading this post!

I’m going to show you how to make an essential oil inhaler with just 2 essential oils that can help you feel calm, balance your emotions, and have a sense of easy productivity (instead of a rushed “I have to do this now, I have no time!” feeling).

The essential oils we’re using for stress relief are:

Bergamot Mint essential oil (Mentha citrata): Bergamot Mint is a member of the mint family, but it smells like a combination of a warm citrus with a refreshing mint.

Sometimes I think that Bergamot Mint actually smells like I have made a blend of essential oils . . . but it’s just one oil!

Bergamot Mint is amazing for helping to calm the nervous system, thanks to its natural components linalol and linalyl acetate. (These are also the two main components in Lavender essential oil.) In addition to helping us feel calm, it can relax overthinking and restore emotional balance. 

Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis): Like its other friends in the citrus family, Sweet Orange offers deep emotional support. 

It has a warm, comforting, invigorating aroma that smells just like a freshly peeled orange! We can turn to it for stress relief, to ease worries (Sweet Orange is very optimistic, and is great at helping us see the bright side of things), and to remember peace and gratitude through challenging times.

These two essential oils work hand in hand to help us stay centered. During the day, they can relax us without making us feel drowsy—so this stress relief inhaler is great when you’re at work, running errands, or have to focus on a project.

And in the evenings, they can help our minds release repetitive, circuitous thoughts that might prevent us from relaxing (or even keep us awake).



Here’s the recipe:

Your Magic Essential Oil Stress Relief Inhaler 

  • 8 drops Bergamot Mint essential oil (Mentha citrata)
  • 8 drops Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Have you made an Aromatherapy inhaler before? If not, that’s okay—it’s very low stress! (Haha!)

An inhaler consists of a few basic parts:

  • A piece of cotton to absorb the essential oils
  • A plastic (or reusable) sleeve to hold the cotton
  • A cap that snaps into place (this keeps the cotton from falling out)
  • A lid that closes it all up!

Whether you get a disposable plastic inhaler, or a reusable inhaler, it will be about the size of a lip balm.

All you have to do is put the piece of cotton into the sleeve, and then drop the Bergamot Mint and Sweet Orange essential oils right onto the cotton. Snap the cap into place.

Ta da! You’re done! (See, I told you it was low stress. :D )

Keep your inhaler with you and use it as needed. It will last about two months.

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