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Do You Have These Essential Oils to Help Kids Sleep?

July 16-Blog-title-Do you have these essential oils to help kids sleep-600x900-V1Lavender and Sweet Orange are some of my favorite essential oils to help kids sleep. Here’s how to use them!

Did you know that Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils tell great bedtime stories?

It’s true. Lavender knows lots of traditional fairy tales from all around the world, and Sweet Orange makes up its own unique stories full of wonder and imagination.

They especially love telling these stories to children who can’t get to sleep, or who feel anxious in the dark. Kids tend to fall asleep before the story is even over!

There are a lot of “grown up” scientific reasons why Lavender and Sweet Orange are such great essential oils to help kids sleep. For example, they’re both great at calming the nervous system. A lot of research has been done on linalol, one of the main components of Lavender, and it’s been found to calm all kinds of irritation—from physical irritation like itching, to emotional irritation like anxiety. Sweet Orange has a similar story to tell with its main component d-limonene.

Those are the grown-up reasons why it works so great. But kids love these oils because they smell familiar, comforting, floral, and fruity! (Kids tend to like aromas they can recognize.)

I like to make Aromatherapy inhalers for kids, because they are easy for kids to use all by themselves. They’re not topical blends, so there’s no concern of kids spilling or using too much. It’s a simple, effective way to use essential oils to help kids sleep sweetly!

July 16-Blog-recipe-sweet dreamy sleep inhaler for kids-600x900-V1Sweet Dreamy Sleep Inhaler for Kids

  • 4 drops Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Making an Aromatherapy inhaler is so easy, you can even make this blend with the child! It can be empowering for them to make their own blend, and then to use it whenever they like.

One fun way to use this inhaler is to have the child use it while you’re reading them a bedtime story. (“Smell your oils while we read!”) Then they can keep their inhaler on their nightstand, and use it to soothe themselves back to sleep if they wake up in the night.

I think you’ll be impressed at Lavender and Sweet Orange’s bedtime stories. There are many essential oils to help kids sleep, and these two stand out as being gentle, effective, and friendly!

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