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How Randy’s Stressful ER Visit led to a Flourishing Aromatherapy Career

by Andrea Butje on June 26, 2019

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Going to the emergency room is never fun.

So it’s understandable that 

when Randy Merrill found himself there, he began to feel stressed and anxious.

Fortunately, his wife Therese was with him. She had a Lavender inhaler, and suggested that he do some deep breathing with it to help him feel more balanced and calm.

Randy told me, “Within minutes, my blood pressure dropped and I felt much calmer. We repeated this inhalation several times with the same calming result over the ensuing hours. I decided that I needed to know more about how and why the essential oils worked on the body.”

Wow! What an impactful experience!

Randy did an online search for an Aromatherapy school.

He had several choices for where to study essential oils. I would love to share what he told me about why he chose Aromahead Institute . . .

“What impressed me the most about Aromahead was Andrea’s approach and her obvious passion for Aromatherapy and essential oils. Her enthusiasm for this holistic discipline is extremely contagious. I decided that I wanted to learn from someone who lived and believed in what they taught. Great decision!!”

(That is such a sweet comment, Randy—I loved having you as a student!)

He enrolled in the Aromatherapy Certification Program, and started a career as a Certified Aromatherapist. 

Today, Randy and Therese run their business Blended Drops Aromatherapy together. It is a true blend of their different approaches to alternative healthcare!

Randy offers customized Aromatherapy blends for his clients. He makes sure that he fully understands each client’s medical history, the issues they’re facing, and their medications.

He uses an approach that he calls the “4 R’s” to create blends that are effective and safe for each person:

  • Right Oils
  • Right Reason
  • Right Person
  • Right Dilution

Therese has a career as a Registered Nurse, and practices a special kind of bodywork—the ‘M’ Technique®.

This is an ultra-relaxing, gentle method of touch which affects different areas of the brain than massage, and has been called “physical hypnotherapy.”

Sometimes Therese offers Aromatherapy to her M’ Technique® clients, and she always consults with Randy first.

“Randy can make an informed choice regarding the appropriate oil,” Therese told me. “The combination of the essential oils paired with the intrinsic benefits of the ‘M’ Technique® have produced some truly amazing therapeutic results for my clients!”

I feel so inspired by Randy and Therese’s dedication to helping others in their careers!

Here’s a little feedback from one of their clients (which they shared on the Blended Drops website):

“. . . I feel like I was given a second chance at life, as a wife and mother I needed to feel good again and have the energy to keep up with my family. Thank you, Randy & Therese, for giving me my life back!”

Isn’t it amazing how an uncomfortable experience, like having to be in the emergency room, can sometimes send us on a journey?

In Randy’s case, it set him on a journey to an Aromatherapy career, which has enabled him to help so many people.

If you’re curious about starting your own Aromatherapy career, or using Aromatherapy in your existing practice, here’s the Aromatherapy Certification Program that gave Randy the knowledge to help Blended Drops clients with such safe, personalized methods.

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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