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An Aromatherapy Student’s Wake-Up Call: Dilution Matters!

An Aromatherapy Students Wake-Up Call DilutionMatters
When Sheri Roach first started using essential oils and doing research on them, she found a lot of contradictory information.

Maybe you can relate . . . there is so much information “floating around” online about essential oils—how they work, the science behind them, what is safe, how to dilute them, and so on. For every question you have, it’s likely that you can find at least three answers that are all saying different things.

It can be so frustrating and confusing.

So when Sheri began studying at Aromahead to earn her Aromatherapy Certification, she had a lot of questions—especially about dilution.

The more she learned, the more she began to realize that, in the past, she had found information that led her to use essential oils in unsafe ways.

And she learned that she was not alone . . .

Sheri told us a story about a friend of hers who had been using essential oils, and developed rashes on her hands and face from using them without dilution.

“She could not even be in a room where essential oils were being used without her rashes starting to itch. She was very fortunate in that after a period of avoiding essential oils altogether, she started using them again at very low concentrations. She now dilutes her oils and is able to use them safely and happily for her whole family again.”

Sheri RoachWhew! That is a relief!

As an Aromatherapy educator, I am always grateful when people learn the process of using essential oils safely and effectively. We KNOW the oils work—they have so much to offer us!

But if we don’t understand how to use them safely, we may experience reactions we don’t want.

Sheri’s experience has helped her understand the confusion that others may be going through as they learn to use essential oils. Since she’s been there, she’s better able to guide others. She even did her final research paper for Aromahead on dilution!

Sheri now owns Golden Heart Essentials in Alaska, where she works as an Aromatherapy consultant and teacher, and consults for her local hospice program. She also writes for and contributes to both an online herbal academy and an online aromatherapy school.

Want to learn more about the Aromatherapy Certification Program that Sheri took to learn about safety and dilution? You can read all about it here!

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