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How a Teenager with Little Access to Essential Oils became a Woman with her Own Aromatherapy Career

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Nicole will never forget the first time she smelled Patchouli.

She was 15, and her best friend came to school wearing the mesmerizing scent. Nicole was immediately in love!

She knew there was something very special about it at the time, but she didn’t know why.

Nicole told us, “I searched hard to find more Patchouli when we ran out. 21 years ago it was difficult to find an essential oil and online shopping was not something that was happening. I looked at every alternative and earthly store I could and would occasionally run into it and snatch it up.”

And if finding essential oils was difficult, finding reliable information about how to use them was even more so!

That all began to change as the internet was born. It has made sharing information so convenient! (What a great resource for us!)

The worldwide web also gave rise to online education.

Finally—Nicole could find the Aromatherapy resources she’d been craving since she was 15!

A simple Google search for “Aromatherapy schools” set her on her path to higher education, and becoming a Certified Aromatherapist

Aromahead Institute offered just what she was looking for: it was completely online and taught by professional instructors. She also appreciated the convenient payment plan and access to Andrea after completion of her coursework.

Nicole used her new-found knowledge to offer Aromatherapy consultations to her friends and family. After learning about their specific needs, she created a customized basket filled with a blend, tea, fresh flowers or herbs, and other special touches.

This generous act grew into a side Aromatherapy career that eventually became her plant-based body care business, Urban Organics.

Her Own Aromatherapy Career

Nicole started Urban Organics when she was pregnant with her son.

She was concerned about the ingredients in her body products—like her store-bought shampoo. She didn’t want her body to absorb any toxic ingredients that might affect her baby.

“You could say that my idea for Urban Organics was fueled by me wanting to contribute to my health and the health of my family first. I started creating beauty and home products from scratch in my kitchen, then giving them to friends and family, which turned into a side business and grew from there.”

Now available on Etsy and at Ophelia’s Green Spa, Urban Organics has a faithful following of customers from around the globe.

Nicole recalls, “I remember my first Etsy reviews about our Henna Shampoo Bar. People were really loving it and it was really exciting to be able to create something from plants that actually worked!”

Her Green Clay Face soap is another fan favorite that garners rave reviews.

Nicole is living her dream with an Aromatherapy career that’s just right for her. Her happy place is spending time in her studio, crushing her own fresh herbs and making her own Aromatherapy products.

Nicole Still Remembers when Aromatherapy Information was Hard to Come By...

Now she is happy to share her own knowledge!

“I have a huge passion for essential oil education, especially around safety,” Nicole told us. “I like to gently help correct some of the misconceptions about essential oils and help clients get the most out of their product.”

Nicole’s vision for the future of her Aromatherapy career is so inspiring . . .

She wants to create a Reiki and Aromatherapy retreat on her 200-acre forest, where her plants and herbs grow, and spread the Urban Organics platform around the world! (We definitely want to come on one of her retreats!)

Nicole discovered a passion when she was 15 years old, which stayed with her for life.

That passion helped her have a healthy pregnancy (and lifestyle!), and inspired her to start her own successful Aromatherapy career.

Nicole is a great example of how an Aromatherapy career doesn’t have to begin with big, giant steps.

It can be a very organic process of gaining knowledge with research-based education, building your experience by helping friends and family, and being open to the many Aromatherapy career options there are to explore. 

Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your story and being an Aromahead student. You are truly an inspiration!

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