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Announcing the Cardamom Spotlight Webinar!

1. 6 am - join usCardamom essential oil has a lot to tell you . . .

Some essential oils have multiple sides to their personalities.

Like Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum).

Cardamom is spicy, sweet, warm, balsamic, and camphoraceous.

These “multiple personalities” expand Cardamom’s skill set and insight. It’s comforting, energizing, warming, supports immunity, eases digestion, encourages circulation, relieves pain, clears congestion, and more.

There is so much to know about Cardamom . . . so I created an Aromahead webinar class entirely dedicated to Cardamom essential oil!

The Cardamom Spotlight Webinar is a two-hour online immersion class that I’m going to teach live on Thursday, July 12th at 1 PM Eastern. It’s $35 to attend.

I’m going to teach you about Cardamom’s versatile talents by focusing on the four recipes you can find in the Cardamom Spotlight on The Aromahead Blog:

  • Sweet Digestion Belly Butter
  • Sparkle & Spice Room Spritz
  • Breathe Happy Cardamom and Resin Roll-On
  • Camphoraceous Cardamom Massage Oil

These four recipes demonstrate Cardamom’s skills in different ways. We’ll explore the role Cardamom plays in each blend, why it’s a great choice, and how it’s supported by the other oils in the recipes.

And I have another fun announcement . . . I’m going to include a one-hour Q&A at the end of the webinar! Be sure to attend live and ask me all of your questions about Cardamom essential oil.

***Come to Cardamom’s class!***

Cardamom will be our “host” for this webinar. It will tell you all about its favorite hobbies and why it’s so good at everything it does (Cardamom has a lot of confidence, haha!) It will also introduce you to 12 of its “friends” who appear in the recipes . . .

This means that in addition to studying Cardamom in depth, you’ll also study:

  1. Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)
  2. Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)
  3. Peppermint (Mentha × piperita)
  4. Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata)
  5. Distilled Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)
  6. Ginger (Zingiber officinale)
  7. Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
  8. Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
  9. Elemi (Canarium luzonicum)
  10. Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia)
  11. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  12. Rosemary ct. camphor (Rosmarinus officinalis camphor)
2. 7 pm - spotlight

Cardamom and I made sure to pack as much information into this immersion class as possible for you! After the webinar, you’ll understand what these 12 essential oils have in common with Cardamom, and will feel more confident blending with them.

Want to come to Cardamom’s class, but can’t be there on July 12th?
No problem! You can go ahead and sign up, because I’m going to record the webinar for you. It will be stored in your Aromahead account and you’ll have lifetime access to it.


I’m going to record the Q&A separately and timestamp it for you. I’ve found it’s so convenient to be able to jump to specific questions and answers if you want. (Cardamom likes things to be efficient and easy to use.)

I’ve also created a class worksheet for you, a PDF of the recipes, and a PDF of all the webinar slides that you can print out to create your own “Cardamom Book!” You can add your own notes and recipes to it.

Cardamom is a passionate, inspired essential oil that likes to get things done, so I made sure to pack this webinar full of information. You’ll learn things you can use right away to enhance your essential oil skills. We’ll talk about . . .

  • Important safety information for all 13 oils covered in the webinar
  • Why I ALWAYS work with distilled Lime essential oil
  • The #1 thing Cardamom has been used for throughout history, which we still use it for today
  • 2 BONUS LESSONS: On baobab oil, and essential oil chemotypes!

 . . . and SO much more!

Cardamom essential oil is like a friend who always knows what to do—just sit down and have a warm chat to get some supportive, insightful feedback that can boost your wellbeing and give you perspective. This webinar will be a fun, educational way to spend a few hours of your time.

I hope you can join Cardamom and me in class!

Founder at Aromahead Institute
Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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