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Aromatherapy Careers: 20 Ways to Earn Your Income as an Aromatherapy Teacher

by Andrea Butje on May 29, 2019

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Let’s say you could have your dream career as an Aromatherapy teacher . . .

What would that look like for you?

What kinds of classes would you teach? Where would your classroom be? Who would your Aromatherapy students be?

Maybe it seems like there is a lot to figure out before you have that dream Aromatherapy career . . .

But I want to encourage you—it is very possible! (I have 20 ideas for you below.)

Now more than ever, we need well-educated, Certified Aromatherapists who are teaching classes out in the world. Interest in Aromatherapy is growing every year. More people want to be empowered to rely less on potentially toxic chemicals and harsh substances in their lives. 

And we know what a big role Aromatherapy can play in natural well-being.

As an Aromatherapy teacher, you can be a role model—showing others reliable, safe, effective ways to use essential oils every day.

Here are 20 ways you can earn money in a career as an Aromatherapy teacher:

  1. Give regular classes at your local health food store
  2. Hold a class at a yoga studio about using Aromatherapy for meditation
  3. Guide parents and childcare workers to use essential oils safely for children when they fall and hurt themselves
  4. Teach the safe use of essential oils to massage therapists at a spa
  5. Hold “Aromatherapy parties” at your home! Teach a class and make blends with your students in your dining room or kitchen.
  6. Instruct people on how to use essential oils effectively for natural cleaning
  7. Develop a workshop about natural skincare and show people how to make their own body butters and face care
  8. Lecture about the latest research on essential oils—and why they are so effective—to healthcare workers, so they understand how supportive Aromatherapy can be
  9. Teach a class at a clinic for nurses and healthcare professionals about how to use essential oils as a complementary therapy
  10. Show hospice care workers how to use Aromatherapy to support people’s health (physically, mentally, and emotionally) during chronic illness or at the end of life
  11. Train counselors, psychologists, and others in the mental health field to use essential oils for their patients
  12. Teach seasonal classes about using essential oils to prevent colds and the flu
  13. Offer to show people who struggle with digestion how to use essential oils to support themselves
  14. Give a presentation to office workers, managers, and CEOs about using essential oils for productivity and mental focus
  15. Teach a class all about using citrus essential oils—including the all-important issue of phototoxicity
  16. Develop a set of amazing allergy relief blends, and show people how to use them as a system to reduce allergies around the clock
  17. Hold an “after work DIY lip balm workshop!”
  18. Coach people on using essential oils to calm anxiety
  19. Train people in how to make their own essential oil roll-on blends
  20. Explain to parents, caretakers, and counselors how to use essential oils for children’s emotional balance

I could have gone on and on with that list!

There are an endless number of ideas for you to teach your own Aromatherapy classes.

Aromahead graduate Paula Begel is an Aromatherapy teacher who is amazingly skilled in versatile methods of all-natural healing.

She has mastered massage therapy, Swedish massage, meridian massage, pregnancy massage, Reiki . . . and Aromatherapy! (And that is only a short list of the fields Paula has studied!) Paula works one-on-one with her clients, and offers individual and group consultations. She has partnered with a group of physicians, “utilizing Aromatherapy to help with pain management and to help reduce narcotic use for chronic pain patients.”

Even looking at the short list of what Paula offers, you can probably imagine her opportunities for teaching classes are endless!

Teaching Aromatherapy is not the only thing Paula does . . . but I’ll bet she could fill as many classes as she chose to lead.

One thing you’ll want to seriously consider: If you want a career as an Aromatherapy teacher, you’ll definitely want to invest in your own education.

You’ll want to feel a lot of clarity on essential oil science, including things like safety (so important!), chemistry, recent research, potential drug complications with essential oils, how many drops of essential oil to use, how to select the ideal substitution if you run out of an oil, and more.

There is so much to know! That is why there is so much to teach.

If you aren’t sure where to start, your own education is the perfect place. You can learn about the Aromatherapy Certification Program that Paula graduated from here. 

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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