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Aromatherapy Careers: From Helping her Child to having Products in a Salon!

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Tricia Ambroziak’s daughter suffered from seasonal allergies.

If you’ve ever watched a child struggle with allergies, you know how heartbreaking it can be.

The sneezing, sleepless nights, runny and stuffy nose, and all around misery of them... ugh!

Tricia wanted to help her daughter.

Her chiropractor suggested a blend of essential oils that could help calm congestion and ease her daughter’s breathing. Tricia had never used essential oils, but she had recently seen a documentary about them and was curious. She decided to give the blend a try.

I’ll bet you’ve guess what happened next... it worked!

Tricia was surprised how effective essential oils were at calming her daughter’s allergy symptoms.

She had studied biology at Carnegie Mellon, and earned an MAT (Master of Teaching) in science education from the University of Pittsburgh. Safe to say she places a lot of value on science and research!

After seeing how much essential oils had helped her daughter, she decided to learn WHY they were so effective.

She signed up for a few free Aromahead webinars.

Tricia told me:

“I was very impressed by the quality of information and the organization and teaching of Andrea . . . from there I kept signing up for classes and decided to go ahead and enroll in the Aromatherapy Certification Program. I liked the fact the program is recognized by NAHA, I enjoy Andrea’s teaching style, and the course is a wealth of information.”

(Thanks, Tricia!)

At first, she didn’t think about starting her own Aromatherapy career.

She simply loved using essential oils for her family, to help calm spasms during massage, and to clean her home. (She was so impressed with how well they got rid of germs!)

Her friends knew that she was always willing to help them with a natural, customized blend . . . and word got around!

Soon she started thinking it might be a good idea to turn her hobby into a business.

But she’d never had her own business before. Could she really do it?

Tricia’s Aromatherapy Certification Program included a lot of the tools and information she needed to get an Aromatherapy career started, such as how to price products, and what legal aspects to consider.

She decided that she had enough resources to take the next step in her Aromatherapy career!

“At first I was a bit timid about practicing Aromatherapy but I soon realized that I had learned a lot and people appreciated my knowledge.”

She has even had people cry in gratitude for the way her pain blends have helped them, when nothing else could.

Before Tricia knew it, her Aromatherapy career took off!

She met a hair salon owner at a networking event, and they really connected. Now Tricia is the Aromatherapist and formulator for Be Kekoa Apothecary!

She also teaches Aromatherapy classes and gives private consultations. You can find her website here.

And all of this grew from wanting to help her daughter!

When I asked Tricia about her favorite part of running a business, she said:

“When I first started using essential oils my family was actually not so keen about them and weren’t too sure about my ‘business.’ But when . . . I was asked to spearhead Be Kekoa Apothecary . . . my family realized that Wow, mom is making some good stuff and this ‘business’ thing is taking off!”

I love the way that Tricia’s business blossomed so naturally, and that she’s using it to support a lifestyle that lets her help others with natural products, and make time for the things that really matter—like her family.

Have you ever wondered how your own Aromatherapy career story might unfold?

Tricia’s first step was education.

You can learn about the Aromatherapy Certification Program she graduated from here.

Take some time to check out what the class offers. You never know how it might change your life—and help you change the lives of others.

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