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What kinds of Careers in Aromatherapy are out there?

What Kinds Of Careers In Aromatherapy Are Out There

Welcome to the new year!

Do you have big plans for the coming year? Dreams or changes you would like to see in your life? Changing your life for the better is all about having a dream that inspires you, and then taking step-by-step actions toward that goal.

Maybe you’ve even thought about starting a career in Aromatherapy.

But is that possible?

What kinds of opportunities are really out there that Aromatherapists can do for work?

Actually, now is the PERFECT time to use essential oils professionally! Lots of people are starting careers in Aromatherapy, or using essential oils in an existing business.

More people are looking to lead healthy, natural lifestyles these days. We’re eating more naturally, cleaning more naturally, and caring for our health more naturally. Aromatherapy is becoming incredibly popular, since essential oils offer plenty of natural, effective options.

But it also means that it’s easy for anyone to share “information” about essential oils... and all too often, the information being shared isn’t reliable (despite the good intentions of the people sharing it).

As Aromatherapy is gaining in popularity, we need well-educated professionals, people who are role models, who know how to use the oils effectively and safely.

So here are 30 ideas for careers in Aromatherapy, and ways you can use Aromatherapy in a business!

  1. Teach people to make their own body butters and skin care products.
  2. Start your own line of natural perfumes with essential oils.
  3. Use Aromatherapy in a massage business and sell products to your clients.
  4. Make and sell your own line of natural incense.
  5. Teach classes about using essential oils for staying healthy during cold and flu season.
  6. Be an Aromatherapy consultant for clinics and healthcare centers.
  7. Use Aromatherapy in your nursing practice.
  8. Care for patients in hospice or palliative care with Aromatherapy.
  9. Sell natural, green cleaning products online and in local stores.
  10. Write a blog.
  11. Write a book.
  12. Sell Aromatherapy products through spas and massage studios.
  13. Start an Aromatherapy podcast.
  14. Create your own Aromatherapy YouTube channel and teach people how to make recipes.
  15. Host interviews with people in the Aromatherapy profession.
  16. Sell meditation blends (and natural yoga mat cleaners!) in local yoga studios.
  17. Teach classes on essential oil safety.
  18. Import essential oils from small-scale farmers and distillers.
  19. Sell your homemade Aromatherapy products at a local farmer’s market.
  20. Create a line of stress-relieving perfumes.
  21. Teach classes specifically for nurses and people involved in healthcare, to show them how to use Aromatherapy to support their patients.
  22. Sell Aromatherapy products on a community-oriented Facebook page and shop.
  23. Start an Aromatherapy Instagram account and feature your products.
  24. Do in-home consultations.
  25. Teach reiki practitioners to use essential oils in their practice.
  26. Create a line of “study support” Aromatherapy inhalers for college students.
  27. Start a green cleaning business and use your own homemade natural products to clean other people’s homes. (You can also sell them your products!)
  28. Make a fantastic, unique natural pain relief blend and sell it online or at your local health food store.
  29. Teach classes for parents and caretakers about using Aromatherapy for children.
  30. Host weekend-long workshops about using essential oils.

Did that give you a few ideas?

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg for the kinds of careers in Aromatherapy you can create. With the ready availability of the internet, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Do you have a few ideas of your own? Share your inspiration for careers in Aromatherapy in the comments, so others can see how many possibilities there are!

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