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Aromatherapist is among the Top 10 Influential People in Childcare

Aromatherapist Top10 Influential People in Childcare

Angela Spencer opened her own professional nursery by age 21, caring for babies and children

She loved it so much she ran similar businesses for over 24 years!

But when Angela had her own children, she was dismayed that they couldn’t sleep through the night for the first few years of their lives. She’d cared for so many children . . . why were her own so restless?

The Role of Nature in Early Childhood

Angela’s desire to help her kids sent her on a journey. 

She dove into research on early childhood development, and eventually came across the “Biophilia Hypothesis”—the theory that we human beings are genetically programmed to be drawn to nature, and to find profound healing and wellbeing in the presence of sunshine, the protective shadows of tall trees, the rustling of leaves, the touch of a breeze on our faces, and the sounds of birds and babbling brooks.

(The Japanese have long had a poetic word for this healing practice! They call it “forest bathing.”)

To some, it was a theory. To Angela, it was plain common sense: Of course a child’s development—both before and after birth—is heavily dependent on its environment, and the sensory stimulation it receives in that environment!

Aromatherapy: A Natural Choice!

Angela’s nurseries were already full of imagery of the natural world. Now, she integrated more natural elements into her work with babies, children, and pregnant moms . . . including aromatherapy!

Angela came to Aromahead and became a Certified Aromatherapist. (Check out her graduate profile!)

Angela developed a successful line of classes to use natural methods to help moms and babies through all aspects of the birthing process. 

She calls her system Babyopathy!

Angela’s Babyopathy Classes 

Angela uses her Babyopathy classes and essential oil blends to:

  • Help pregnant moms manage stress, so mom and baby share a relaxed, calm environment
  • Demystify babies’ movements in the womb, so moms feel reassured that nothing is wrong when there seems to be a lot of movement . . . or none at all.
  • Take nervous moms through the birth process, so they’re less stressed, and have a relaxed, positive birth experience.

She uses essential oils at every stage of the process—including after baby is born.

Now, Angela is a highly respected expert on healthy pregnancy, birth, and early childhood. 

She’s a teacher, and an award-winning author and blogger. She’s been featured in Mother & Baby Magazine, and was named one of 2017’s Top 10 Most Influential People in Childcare. Both TV and radio shows have reached out to her for appearances.

Using Essential Oils for Pregnant Moms & Children

If you feel called to use essential oils for pregnant moms, babies, or children, please know there are significant safety factors you MUST be aware of before getting started.

Angela’s education in essential oils allows her to help so many people, without causing harm to moms and little ones in some of the most vulnerable, precious stages of life. 

Learn about the Aromatherapy Certification Program Angela trusted for her own education.

Your journey with essential oils will be unique. Whatever your dreams are, the ACP offers the education and support you’ll need to reach your goals.

Free Webinar: How to Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Jenny serves as Co-Director of Education at Aromahead Institute, where she works closely with students to guide them in using essential oils safely and effectively in their daily lives, and helps them earn aromatherapy certification, and graduate level certification. Jenny has always had a passion for learning and teaching. She spent years as a high school English teacher, helping people learn new skills, and developing a classroom culture built on trust and collaboration. In her free time, Jenny can be found hiking with her adorable black lab, Buckley, curled up with a good book, or catching up with friends.

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