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Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray

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There are some rooms that you walk into, and you feel immediately at home.

Other rooms might make you want to sit up a little straighter and be as polite as you can.

The atmosphere in a room can inspire feelings of relaxation, optimism, friendship . . . the possibilities are endless!

Have you noticed that aroma can play a big role in the feelings that are inspired in you? This is a fundamental reason that Aromatherapy is so effective for us. Our bodies, minds, and hearts are just “wired” to respond to scent in a very instinctive, immediate way.

Once we understand that, we can use it to our advantage!

I want to share an Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray recipe with you. You can use this as a room spray to create a warm, inviting, positive atmosphere.

Here’s the recipe . . .

Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray

  • 2 oz (60 ml) water
  • 5 drops Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • 10 drops Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)
  • 2 drops distilled Lime (Citrus aurantifolia)

Shake your Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray well before spritzing it around your room. Or, if you prefer to use a solubol/dispersant in your spray, simply add 1 ml for every 25 drops of essential oil (approximately 4 drops of solubol per 1 drop of essential oil).

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Keep it around when you’re feeling low energy, a little stressed, or when you’ve had a hard day. It’s also great for times when you just want to hang out and feel happy.

It’s true that not everyone will respond to a particular scent in the same way.

That said, the essential oils in this Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray are often used to boost feelings of well-being. Ylang Ylang is popular for calming the nervous system and helping people feel relaxed. And the citrus oils, Orange and Lime, are just incredible for emotional wellness! They’re great for getting your energy going, focusing your mind, and filling you with a sense of positivity. The citrus oils really are just a feel-good happy bunch. Often I find that even simply opening a bottle of citrus essential oil will bring a smile to my face. The effect is that quick!

I suggest making a fresh bottle of this every few weeks, since we’re not using preservatives in it and it’s a water-based blend.

If you like, you can add a few more drops of distilled Lime to your Antidepressant Aromatherapy Spray. I accidentally got 3 drops when I made this blend in a YouTube video, and I just loved the change in the aroma so much . . . I might actually adjust the recipe that way every time I make it from now on! 

If you’re not especially fond of these essential oils, that’s okay. As I mentioned earlier, not everyone responds to the same aromas in the same ways. Keep in mind that the scent of an individual oil will often change when it’s blended with other oils, but you can also adjust this recipe to create something all your own. Try using Lavender instead of Ylang Ylang, or Peppermint instead of distilled Lime. Get creative!

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