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3 Essential Oils for a Good Mood! (+ a DIY blend)

A diy blend to use essential oils for a good mood

Feeling blue? Try this DIY essential oil blend for emotions

Have you ever felt more positive and peaceful after spending time in nature?

Around trees and flowers and plants? 

It’s an almost magical ability that nature has to inspire a good mood! 

Essential oils concentrate this effect, so we can experience nature’s emotional support in just a few drops.

Let’s talk about 3 essential oils for a good mood, why they work, and how you can use them in a convenient, easy-to-make DIY blend for emotions.


3 Essential Oils for a Good Mood

  • Cypress essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens)
  • Fragonia™ essential oil (Agonis fragrans)
  • Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara)

Cypress essential oil offers security and emotional support through transitions and change. 

You’ll love it if you’re moving houses, changing jobs, or have experienced loss. Cypress knows how to comfort us, while helping our minds and hearts focus on inspired new directions. 

Fragonia™ essential oil comes from Australia, and has a sweet, spicy, citrusy scent that’s sooo intoxicating! (The aroma alone can put you in a good mood!)

It contains some of the same components as Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia), and has an impressive ability to soothe the nervous system and stir up stagnant, blocked emotional energy. 

Neroli essential oil is steam distilled from the beautiful, white, aromatic flowers of orange trees. 

It’s intensely relaxing for a peaceful, good mood—a great essential oil for when worries or overthinking are interrupting your good night’s sleep. If you find yourself struggling with hot emotions (such as anger or anxiety), Neroli could be a very helpful essential oil for you.

Now you know about 3 essential oils for a good mood, and why they’re helpful. 

Ready to make a simple, DIY essential oil blend?

Sweeten Those Emotions!

  • 9 ml Jojoba wax (Simmondsia chinensis)
  • 2 drops Cypress essential oil (Cupressus sempervirens)
  • 2 drops Fragonia™ essential oil (Agonis fragrans)
  • 2 drops Neroli essential oil (Citrus aurantium var. amara)


  1. Make your blend in a 10 ml roll-on bottle.
  2. Put the jojoba wax into the bottle. (Jojoba is often called an “oil,” but it’s actually a liquid wax!)
  3. Add the essential oil drops, then pop the roller ball top into place.
  4. Roll the essential oils blend gently between your hands to mix it together.
Use your Sweeten Those Emotions! roll-on blend as needed to inspire a good mood in your heart.

This DIY essential oil blend has a floral, fresh, slightly woodsy aroma that can help you feel like you’ve spent a calm afternoon in the woods. 

sweeten those emotions

Another must-have essential oil for emotional support is Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). 

Learn how to use it (and why it works) in our Lavender Spotlight Class!

In this convenient video class, you’ll:

… Discover what makes Lavender the most popular essential oil in the world

… Make powerful yet gentle recipes to calm anxiety, nourish skin, clean without toxins, care for kids, and more

… Learn to blend Lavender safely with 8 other essential oils, so you can fully customize your daily routines with essential oils

… And more!

Do you have other favorite essential oils for a good mood? 

I would love to know what works for you. (And your experiences might help others!) Share your favorites in the comments.


Karen serves as Co-Director of Education at Aromahead Institute, where she works closely with students and helps them earn aromatherapy certification. Karen’s strong values for healthcare, education, and sustainable practices have guided her entire career, and remain the principles that shape her daily activities at Aromahead. Karen loves sharing her knowledge of essential oils and how they can enhance the beauty of ones’ journey through life and has authored numerous articles and guides on the safe and effective therapeutic uses of essential oils. In Karen’s free time, she can be found hiking amongst nature, reading, and enjoying her family.

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