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How to Make Gardener’s Hand Scrub with Basil and Rosemary

make gardener's hand scrub

When working in the garden, there are a few things it’s good to remember . . .

Make sure to wear sunscreen or a hat for plenty of shade.

Wear good gloves for weeding and trimming plants.

Clean your hands with an all-natural, homemade gardener’s hand scrub, and be sure to get the dirt out from under your nails before you eat dinner. (Haha!)

I have an Aromatherapy recipe for that! This is a natural Basil Rosemary Gardener’s Hand Scrub blend that you can use any time your hands feel dirty and grimy, or dry and cracked. It’s also great for artists, such as sculptors who work with clay, or painters who tend to get paint all over their hands.

Basil Rosemary Gardener’s Hand Scrub

  • 1 oz (30 ml) avocado oil (Persea gratissima)
  • 1 oz (28 g) pink Himalayan salt (medium grain)
  • 7 drops Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis ct. verbenone)
  • 10 drops Basil essential oil (Ocimum basilicum ct. linalol)

Make your blend in a 2 oz (60 ml) jar. I like to use a wide-mouth jar for blends like this. Aromatics International has a 2 oz (60 ml) wide-mouth jar that works great!

First, put the pink Himalayan salt into the jar. Then add the avocado oil. The avocado oil will sink down into the salt, but the blend will still be very loose and oily. That’s just what we want! Then add the essential oils and stir gently with a glass stirring rod or the handle of a stainless steel spoon.

Basil rosemary gardeners hand scrub

The salt you use doesn’t have to be pink Himalayan salt. That’s just my favorite kind! You can use any salt you like. I do suggest a medium grain for this gardener’s hand scrub (as opposed to a very fine grain or a coarse grain with big, chunky granules), because you’ll want the grain of the salt to scrub the dirt off your hands. You can use a fingernail brush to gently scrub under your nails.

This blend feels so nourishing and moisturizing for dry or “over worked” skin! The avocado oil leaves skin feeling soft and silky. No need for lotion or moisturizer after you wash your hands!

The essential oils also offer support. They are great for reducing the presence of germs. The overall aroma these oils create together is fresh, herbal, and uplifting. I thought it would be fun to make a Gardener’s Hand Scrub that smells like an herb garden!

Have fun getting your hands dirty!

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