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My Journey into the World of Essential Oils

by Andrea Butje, LMT, Aromatherapy Educator on September 19, 2016


I want to share the story of how I first got introduced to the world of essential oils and Aromatherapy.

Let’s go back to 1994, when Cindy Black and I co-founded the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, NY.

Running a Massage Therapy school was a deeply fulfilling experience, and I loved using essential oils as part of our curriculum. One day, I noticed a beautiful essential oil catalog among some incoming mail on my desk. I decided to order a few oils from that company.

When the oils arrived, I used a few drops of my brand new Roman Chamomile in some jojoba to ease a bit of tension in my belly. I was so impressed with the results! I knew I had stumbled on something special. My lifelong interest in Aromatherapy had begun.

My intensive study of plants and essential oils led me to Europe,  where I witnessed the craftsmanship involved in the distillation process firsthand.

This experienced deepened my appreciation for essential oils even more. I was so moved by the dedication the farmers and distillers put into their work, that I developed a passion for supporting them, encouraging Aromatherapy companies to source their oils directly from distillers. (Since then I have traveled around the world, developing relationships with small distillers in England, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Morocco, Italy, Corsica, Canada, the Seychelles Islands, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Grenada, and the United States.)

In 1998, I taught my first Aromatherapy Certification Program, which established the beginning of Aromahead Institute. In 2003, Cindy and I transferred ownership of the Massage school in order to focus full-time on building Aromahead. From that day forward, I’ve been working with essential oil distillers, writing about essential oils, and teaching Aromatherapy.

If you also have a passion for essential oils and living a healthy lifestyle, I want to invite you to a special webinar that can teach you how to take your Aromatherapy education to the next level.

It’s calledHow to Become a Certified Aromatherapist! It’s a free, fun online event that will answer all your questions about getting your Aromatherapy Certification. If you're wondering what becoming certified entails and how it could support your life and career, this is the webinar for you!

You can sign up for the webinar here.

If you want to become an expert in Aromatherapy and develop a deeper understanding of essential oils . . . please join us!

If you want to develop a new career, or add essential oils into your current business . . . please join us!

If you want to make amazing products and blends for your clients, family members, or friends . . . please join us!

Come to the webinar to learn:

  • How understanding essential oil chemistry can boost your confidence and enhance your blending skills . . . and how fun chemistry can actually be (I promise)!
  • How learning online offers you an in-depth education and a convenient way to get your certification on your own schedule, at your own pace.
  • How Aromahead can help you meet the standards for Certified Aromatherapists set by some of the most respected Aromatherapy organizations in the world—the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists), NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), and IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists).
  • How Aromatherapy Certification can help you take your business to the next level, or even support you to start a brand new one.

We’ve held this webinar several times over the past few years and every time we get amazing feedback from our attendees.

Here are two emails I’ve received from people who attended this webinar last year:

“I am loving this webinar, I had no idea how much I would learn! I just started using EOs, and am amazed at how well they have helped, and I’m so excited to see how to get started learning more so I can help others. Thank you so much! The slides are beautiful, easy to read, and so impressive. (And I really love seeing your pictures of the essential oil distillation in France.)"

— Lori

“I LOVED the webinar! I attended and stayed for the Q&A. I highly recommend this, as there is a LOAD of info given out in the Q&A! Andrea, you have a fantastic teaching voice and demeanor! I can't wait for the next one!”

— Tisa Lynn Carlson

You can sign up for the webinar here.

I consider it my life’s work to encourage people to study essential oils. If you’re excited about using essential oils effectively and safely, then a good certification program will greatly benefit your work.

I can't wait to spend time with you on the webinar! I will share lots of information about the Aromatherapy profession, show you pictures I have taken from around the world and so much more!


Founder at Aromahead Institute
Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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