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Rivendell Aromatics: Distilling Lavender Varieties in California

by Andrea Butje, LMT, Aromatherapy Educator on September 12, 2016

the-lavender-way-lavender-distillers-stewards-of-the-landRivendell Aromatics, lavender distillersSandy and Roland Messori of Rivendell Aromatics are distilling Lavender in California.

About 30 years ago, Sandy Messori was thinking about some of the crafts that her grandmothers did every day, but which were no longer a part of her daily life. 

She began making high quality handmade soaps for her family and friends. She used essential oils in her soaps, and went on to study Aromatherapy. At this point, her journey took her to the Lavender fields of Provence, France, where she knew in her heart what she wanted to do:

“I want to grow Lavender and other herbs for Fine Quality Essential Oils and Hydrosols.”

That quote is from her website—Rivendell Aromatics.

6RivendellAromaticsDistillingLavendarSandy and her husband Roland Messori now run Rivendell Aromatics near Santa Barbara, California. They grow about 38 different varieties of Lavender. (Wow!) Their other main plant is Helichrysum italicum, but they also grow a variety of different aromatic plants and fruit trees . . . including 3000 Hass Avocado trees!

Roland has managed the avocado farm for 25 years.

All that Lavender, aromatic plants, a distillery, and fruit trees to top it all off? Doesn’t Rivendell Aromatics sound like an amazing place to visit?

It is! I recently visited them, and here are some pictures I took.

lavender distillers

lavender distillers in California

Sandy and Roland are such warm hearted people, and very involved in the community. They sell fruits that are grown on the farm (avocados, figs, persimmons, olives, and pears, to name a few!) and their Lavender products at local Farmers Markets, and at the annual Ojai Lavender Festival.

They also offer the use of their still to other growers, who may not have their own stills and need a way to turn their plants into essential oils. (It’s so inspiring to me to see the way people in the Aromatherapy community reach out and support one another. It makes me happy to be a part of it!)

Along with essential oils and hydrosols, Rivendell Aromatics makes soaps, wreaths, sachets, beeswax candles, body products, and other crafts. They even planted a “Lavarinth”—a spiritual labyrinth you can walk, made with 40 different varieties of Lavender.

Maybe you can’t make it to California for the Lavender Festival, but you can visit their website by clicking here!

lavender distillers in California

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