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Aliksir: A Canadian Essential Oils Distiller

Canadian essential oils distillerCanada is home to a wide variety of conifer trees, and so many beautiful essential oils!

My friends at Aliksir in Canada distill conifer essential oils and hydrosols—Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, Balsam Poplar, Juniper, White Cedar, Hemlock, and so many more. They also distill the oils of other plants, such as Melissa and Goldenrod. The plant life of this friendly, forested country is so rich! 

Aliksir began in 1988, when Lucie Mainguy began exploring the province of Quebec, plant by plant, along with her husband Pierre. Lucie was already enchanted by Aromatherapy, and Aliksir gave her a way to channel her passion for aromatic plants into a business.

Her deep connection to the spirit of Aromatherapy is so inspiring. This is from Aliksir’s website:

“Essential oils production is based on the synergy of the four elements, united to create the fifth. Water, air, fire and earth uniting through the alchemist to extract the plant’s very essence: its ether, or ‘spirit’. The intangible, almost immaterial, substance that is the aroma, is captured and liquefied by steam distillation.”

What a beautiful description of the process of distillation!

Aliksir, a Canadian essential oils distillerAliksir sells their own products on their website, but you can also find oils and products from around the world—like Black Pepper essential oil from Madagascar. They also sell natural clays, butters and oils, bottles, books, and more. From starting out with distilling conifer essential oils, Aliksir has grown into an amazing all-around Aromatherapy resource.

I have visited Lucie and the distillery staff three times, and each time I am truly inspired! You can find pictures of their distillery by clicking here. Their team is so warm and friendly! If you scroll down through the images, you’ll see some pictures of them loading plant material into a still. You can really start to appreciate just how much plant material goes into distilling even a small amount of essential oil.

Aliksir is located in Quebec, Canada, and while most of their website is in English, some of it is written in French. They teach classes and workshops in French, too. You don’t need a reservation to stop by their distillery, where you can learn about Aromatherapy and give your nose a treat, but you can also schedule a guided group tour. It is such a fun way to spend an afternoon!

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