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Tips for Blending Essential Oils by Aroma

One of my favorite methods of blending essential oils is to go by aroma.

It’s an amazing process, because learning the art of aromas never really ends. The more you learn about essential oils, the more creative you can be when blending according to their aromas. Here are a few tips that might help, whether you’re a newcomer to Aromatherapy or have been blending for years. 

First, some notes about notes (haha, I couldn’t resist!):

Top notes are the first scents you notice when inhaling a blend. They’re bright, clear, and vibrant. Citrus oils are top notes.

Middle notes, or “heart notes,” are full, soft and rich. They’re great at smoothing out the edges of a scent that might be too sharp, or which might overpower other aspects of the blend. Most florals are middle notes.

Base notes are warm and earthy. They help add depth to a blend, and can really ground some of those high top notes. Oils like Patchouli and Vetiver are base notes.

A balanced blend has top, middle, and base notes in it, all of which you can detect in a single deep inhale.

You don’t have to create a balanced blend, though. You can pair “like with like.” This means you can blend only top notes, only middles, or only base notes. This can be so effective if you really want to inspire certain emotions. A blend of nothing but top notes can be so uplifting and energizing!

One of the best methods for blending essential oils by aroma I have found is the “drop-by-drop blending technique.”

I add a single drop of essential oil to a carrier (or an empty bottle), then smell it. Then I add one drop of another oil, and smell it again. I record each drop I add with a little slash mark on a piece of paper.

I go on until I’ve reached the amount of oil I want in my recipe, or until I just love the aroma. I smell the blend after adding each drop so that I can notice the changes to the aroma—the way it develops new layers and personality. It’s amazing how much a single drop of oil can shift the scent of a blend.

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