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Aromatherapy from a Himalayan Distiller

Many years ago, I began exchanging emails with a farmer and distiller in Nepal named Kailash and his wife Deepa.

Kailash owns a private farm and distillery called Aarya Aroma. I already knew that I loved the essential oils he produced, and as we got to know each other over email we became great friends. He and Deepa are such beautiful people! We worked closely together over email and the phone for many years, but somehow I never got the chance to go to Nepal.

Then in 2014, Aromahead held a raffle to pay for Kailash and Deepa’s trip to the Botanica2014 conference in Ireland. I finally got to meet them in person! It was such a thrill to be there with them as Kailash shared his work with everyone at the Botanica2014 conference.

That work not only includes organic farming and handcrafting essential oils, but elevating the local people, too.

There’s a wide variety of geographic and climatic conditions in the Himalayas, and Kailash has worked to from a network of cooperatives all over the region so they can share the work of cultivating and harvesting the plants, depending on the season. This makes it possible for more plants to be cared for, more harvesting to be done, and more essential oil to be produced . . . which makes it possible for the people to sell more products and raise their socio-economic status. Amazing!

Aarya Aroma is dedicated to using completely natural methods. This is from their website:

“We analyze our complete line of essential oils to ensure that each oil measures up to our strict quality standards. Great care is taken in extraction, such procedures are carried out in slow steam distillation at low pressure and low temperature in upright containers and no chemicals are ever used in the process. These tests include sensory evaluation, color and clarity analysis, and laboratory analysis using Gas Chromatography (GC). All our essential oils carry ‘certificates of analysis’ and any client ordering essential oils from us can request a copy of the certificate of analysis.”

Aarya Aroma produces and sells a variety of essential oils, including German Chamomile, Juniper, Palmarosa, Rhododendron, and Spikenard. (You can even write them a letter and place an order directly from them.)

IMG_2558All of the pictures in this blog post were recently sent to me by Kailash. You can see even more pictures on their website. It’s so fun to see pictures like this that let us into the process of essential oil distillation!

Aarya Aroma is a beautiful example of the way essential oils can touch the lives of everyone who works with them.


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