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PhiBee Aromatics Crafts Native Essential Oils of the American Southwest

PhiBee AromaticsA deep love for plants and essential oils can lead us in a wide range of directions, and enrich our lives in so many ways.

For Clare and Max Licher, it led them to a deep relationship with the land in the American Southwest, and to start their own company: PhiBee Aromatics.

PhiBee Aromatics produces and sells native essential oils and hydrosols of the American Southwest. 

I'm so excited to say that, thanks to a raffle fundraiser hosted by Aromahead, PhiBee Aromatics will be coming to the Aromatherapy conference Botanica2016 in September! The conference is in Brighton, England, and all of PhiBee's costs are completely covered so they can attend and share their experience, knowledge, and passion with us all. I'm really looking forward to seeing them there!

Clare and Max work in relationship with the land, using 60 different species of wildcrafted and cultivated plants. They offer mints, pines, sage, snakeweed, firs, Artemisias, and more. And here’s something special—they never take whole plants unless those plants have already been cut for another reason (such as forest thinning). Instead, Clare and Max trim the plants in a way that attempts to support their ongoing growth and health.

This is from their website:

“Every plant is different in terms of its abundance, availability, time and treatment involved in processing, length of distillation, and yield of essential oil.”

Because they’re so conscious about their harvesting techniques, many of their essential oils and hydrosols are only available in a limited amount. Each batch is special and has unique qualities.

They are dedicated to educating others, too. They recently started a new section of their website to feature articles about the plants they distill. They also give presentations and lead workshops, customizing their events for each group of people. Their events can last anywhere from half a day to four days long. (Their distillation workshops sound so fun!)

Clare and Max started distilling essential oils together in 2005…

But they’ve both been passionate about plants and Aromatherapy for much longer.

Clare’s study of medicinal plants began in 1987. She’s a Certified Aromatherapist, and is in the process of writing a book called “Native Essential Oils of the American Southwest.”

Max has translated his love for plants into photography. All of the images of plants and landscapes on PhiBee Aromatics’ website were taken by him. Just amazing!

They named PhiBee Aromatics after their two girls. You can sign up for their seasonal newsletter here!

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