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Homemade Shower Gel with Frankincense & Spruce

Make homemade shower gel to refresh your body and mind!Homemade Shower Gel with Frankincense & Spruce

There’s something so rejuvenating about a rain shower. It leaves the earth fresh, fragrant, and nourished from the outside in. The water washes away all the dust and dirt, and everything comes out clean and renewed.

You could say the same thing about your daily shower! 

Whether you shower in the morning, evening, or in the middle of the day, it can be such a revitalizing, centering time. A morning shower can set you up to go through your day feeling your best, and showering in the evening can help your body and mind relax after a long day.

If you’re concerned about the ingredients in your body care products, you can use a homemade shower gel with essential oils, and then you won’t have to worry! Certain essential oils can add to the emotionally balancing effects of a shower, while offering nourishment to your skin.

Here’s a recipe for homemade shower gel with emotionally balancing essential oils:

Frankincense & Spruce Shower Gel (with a touch of orange blossom!)

  • Just under 1 oz (30 ml) aloe vera gel (Aloe barbadensis
  • 2.5 ml Solubol dispersant
  • 8 drops Frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
  • 7 drops Black Spruce (Picea mariana)
  • 1 drop Neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara)

Make your blend in a 1 oz (30 ml) PET plastic bottle with a flip-top. (I always use PET plastic for blends that I’m going to use in the shower or bathtub. It’s safer than glass if your hands get slippery and you drop it! PET plastic is known as a non-reactive plastic that doesn’t leach. In cases where glass isn't ideal, PET plastic is a good choice.) You can just pour your aloe into the bottle, and then add your Solubol and essential oils. Close the lid and shake gently. I recommend making this blend fresh every few weeks.

This homemade shower gel works in several ways to help balance your emotions. Frankincense centers the mind and eases anxiety, Black Spruce calms the nervous system, and just one drop of Neroli is enough to offer a comforting, heart-opening effect. The three oils work together to enhance one another’s properties.

Making your own body products is such a fun way to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle! You can learn more recipes like this in Aromahead’s online class, “Aromatherapy for Natural Living.” You’ll also learn green cleaning recipes and essential oil remedies for staying healthy . . . and you can do it all on your own schedule. I hope you’ll join us in class!

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Andrea Butje is an internationally-recognized Aromatherapist who has changed the educational paradigm through her inspired approach to teaching essential oils and Aromatherapy Certification. Check out her book, The Heart of Aromatherapy, at Aromatics International!

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